One Cover Free With Q.

One Cover Free With Q. (2000-12-18)

Johnny Cash’s stupendous cover of U2’s One is available free on a cover-mounted CD with the January edition of the UK’s Q Magazine.

The sixteen track album, which features cuts from the albums the magazine judges the best of the year 2000, opens with the Quincey and Sonance remix of U2’s Beautiful Day – and the editorial comment, ‘If only all ‘dance anthems’ were like this.’

Cash’s cover comes from his LP American III:Solitary Man. He comments. ‘It’s a fabulous song. We started recording it in my cabin over in the woods from my house and we just didn’t bring in a bass when we started recording, and it felt good again to do it that way. Bono’s writing (Bono wrote the sleevenotes for the God album on the recent Cash trilogy) knocked me out – talking about Moses parting the Red Sea, that whole thing about Exodus that he commented on and then how he brought it down to me. I thought that really was a nice piece of writing.’

Of Beautiful Day, Larry comments to Q, ‘I never thought Beautiful Day would end up like it did. The chorus and the verse are from two totally different songs and it’s ended up a classic U2 single.

‘Bono worries that Beautiful Day is too U2, like it’s Classic Coke or something. But Edge is doing his stuff, it sounds Edge-like! But that’s what he does. he fuckin’ invented it! And we’re embarassed about it because we don’t want him to use it! What’s that all about ?’

The free CD from Q also features tracks from Oasis, Toploader, David Gray, Coldplay, Doves, PJ Harvey, Radiohead and The Dandy Warhols.

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