Paul Oakenfold Remix of Love is All We Have Left

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2018-10-19)

Paul Oakenfold is a name that should be familiar to U2 fans by now. He has worked with U2 on remixes of their songs going back to the 1990s. His first work appeared with remixes of “Mysterious Ways” and “Even Better Than the Real Thing” under the Perfecto name, and he’s tackled some of their biggest hits over the years.

And now he’s tackled another one of U2’s songs, first teasing, and now releasing his remix of “Love Is All We Have Left” via YouTube.

VIDEO: Teaser of Oakenfold’s Remix of “Love is All We Have Left” during a DJ Set

The mix opens with a barely changed opening to the song, with some alterations to speed, but after a minute we get a build up and then the beat kicks in and we hear a very recognizable Paul Oakenfold mix. He has released his full mix on YouTube. The mix runs 03:54 in length. The full video is below. The video consists of a still image with the audio track and isn’t an actual video.

AUDIO: Full version of “Love is All We Have Left” (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

Oakenfold debuted his version of the song in DJ sets earlier this summer. The song was also used in his recent “Planet Perfecto Podcast” mixes and is featured in the following episodes:

  • Episode 397 (June 11, 2018)
  • Episode 401 (July 9, 2018)
  • Episode 402 (July 16, 2018)
  • Episode 403 (July 23, 2018)
  • Episode 404 (July 30, 2018)
  • Episode 408 (August 27, 2018)
  • Episode 409 (September 3, 2018)
  • Episode 415 (October 15, 2018)

In the podcast the song is part of a continuous mix and fades in and out of other songs, the release on YouTube is the first time the mix has been made available as a separate track. The podcast is available at acast,, iTunes, and others.

It is not known at this time if there are any release plans for the remix other than through Paul Oakenfold’s online podcasts and the post on YouTube. The last remix that Oakenfold produced, for “Ordinary Love” has never been released beyond his YouTube account.

VIDEO: “Ordinary Love” (Paul Oakenfold Bootleg Mix)

You may be asking didn’t Oakenfold do a more recent mix for U2? In August an EP of remixes for “Summer of Love” was released on streaming services and at digital store fronts, featuring a Perfecto Mix of the song. That mix wasn’t done by Oakenfold himself however, but by others on the Perfecto label, TILT and Danny Stubbs. That remix is part of a campaign of remixes to promote the single which has seen the song steadily rise on the Billboard Dance Club charts. The mixes have taken “Summer of Love” to number 7 on that chart this week, and the song appears to still be climbing. Mick Park of TILT and Danny Stubbs took some time out to discuss the remix with us the day that the song was released, including a discussion about the Perfecto branding of the remix.

AUDIO: “Summer of Love” (TILT & Danny Stubbs Perfecto Remix)


If there are any announced plans to release the track we will bring you further information at that time. Many thanks to Andrew for assistance with this article.

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