Poland Promotional Challenge

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-12-01)

Universal Poland sure knows how to engage fans in fun activities surrounding new U2 releases. Our friends at U2Blog have posted some photos of some of the activities going on in Poland to promote the new album, Songs of Experience.

In Warsaw, there were three deluxe box sets hidden around the city starting at 9am on December 1, 2017. Those box sets, hidden by Universal Music Polska were hidden in boxes decorated with artwork from U2’s new album Songs of Experience. Three hints were provided by Universal, “The Three Sunrises,” “Zoo Station” and “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”. The song titles were clues to find the box sets!

The clues were solved as follows:

“Zoo Station” refers to the railway station in Warsaw called “Warszawa Zoo”. A railway station in Berlin with a similar name had inspired “Zoo Station” on Achtung Baby.

“Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” refers to the place that U2 played in 1997. The PopMart tour was set up at a horse track in Warsaw.

“The Three Sunrises” was a clue that referred to the number 3, as in Radio 3, where the third box was located.

A fourth box was also given away at a listening session in Trójkowym Studio at Agnieszki Osieckiej hosted by Universal Music. The location is the home of the Polish National Broadcasting Radio 3. The event started on November 30 at 11pm. Invitation to the listening session was available through U2Blog. The session was hosted by Piotr Stelmach, an influential journalist in Poland. The listening session was only announced on the day of the event. The stage was decorated with album artwork and other promotional material including copies of older U2 releases.

Universal in Poland is known for fun fan events, and this looks like another interesting way to spark interest in the new album. U2Blog has additional photos of the contest winners and from the listening party on their Facebook group.

All photos courtesy of U2Blog.

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