Recent and Upcoming U2 Appearances

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2020-12-04)

Adam Clayton will appear on the Late Late Show in Ireland this evening. On the show Sharon Shannon, an Irish traditional musician, will be featured. A number of people will be paying tribute to Shannon during the broadcast including President Michael D. Higgins, Steve Wickham and Adam Clayton. It is also mentioned that Shannon will perform, joined by a number of others including Adam Clayton, Donal Lunny, Denise Chaila, Steve Wickham, Mundy and members of Sharon Shannon’s family.

Adam has recorded with Sharon Shannon before. He appears on her album Sharon Shannon playing bass on “The Marguerita Suite” and appears again on The Winkles Tapes 1989 released a year ago on the song “Larry O’gaff’s Set”. Both recordings were done in May 1989 when Adam Clayton joined a group of traditional musicians for a weekend of playing and recording at The Winkles Hotel in the west of Ireland.

The Late Late Show airs on RTE One on December 5 at 9:35pm.

It was a bit quieter this year for World AIDS Day than it has been in some years on the U2 front. It was marked with a single post on social media by Bono thanking Apple as a (RED) Partner and sharing a link talking about Apple’s donation of PPE to Zambia. Over on SiriusXM, Rocky O’Riordan also hosted a special half hour show marking the day, in conjunction with (RED) and the African record label, Mavin Records.

But behind the scenes Bono also recorded a video for employees at the Bank of America to thank the organization for their support of (RED) throughout the years. The video was sent out on November 30, 2020. He speaks of wanting to “Zoom-Bomb” all of the employees individually but he’s been told that may affect productivity, so recorded one video for all instead.

The approximate 2.5 minute video thanks employees on behalf of (RED). “At (RED) we see ourselves as a pandemic fire brigade, red is the colour of emergency, red is the colour of the blood that carries the virus. Since we joined forces with you all at Bank of America I think we’ve really done some good stuff, some stuff to be proud of. On World AIDS Day I’d like you to think about that.”

Bono talks about fighting a second pandemic this year, and how it threatens a lot of the people who are affected by AIDS as well. He talks how The Global Fund is being used to fight both diseases. He talks about the leadership at Bank of America and how it takes a lot to contribute out of country when your own country is facing huge issues.

“We can’t solve every problem that the world is facing, but the ones we can, we must.”

We are told that Bono also did a similar video for employees at Apple as well as for other organizations which partner with (RED).

The Edge also made a recent appearance, on The Late Late Toy Show. An annual tradition in Ireland, the show which focuses on children and the latest toys saw The Edge make a short appearance by video.

The Edge showed up to surprise 10 year old Noah Rafferty. Rafferty, an aspiring musician got a surprise when The Edge pops on video to say hello, and to let Rafferty know he’s getting a special gift, an autographed Music Rising guitar.

We’ve embedded that video below. That’s one happy kid!

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