Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Updates

Original story ( by Aaron J. Sams (2011-11-16)

“The Best of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Live” 3-CD set features U2’s performances of “Pride” and “I Still Haven’t Found” from the 2005 induction ceremony, not the version of “I Still Haven’t Found” performed in 2009 as we previously reported.

That 3-CD set also features “Let it Be” performed by Paul McCartney, and the Rock Hall Jam Band, which featured Bono on stage in 1999 amongst a crowd of dozens. Any video clips I’ve seen has him far away from a mic, but he was part of the performance. Also featured is the Who and the Rock Hall Jam Band, from 1990, which was the year Bono inducted them into the Rock Hall. Based on footage I’ve seen from that night Bono was not part of this performance.

In further news, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released a 10 “disc” set on iTunes called “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live“ which features performances from the various Induction ceremonies from 1986-2009.

Lots of U2 content here on Volume 2. It starts with The Edge performing with the Rock Hall Jam Band in 1992 on “All Along the Watchtower” and “Shout”. He also played with Johnny Cash on “Big River” that year. He may also have contributed to “Soul Man” but I was unable to verify footage of that performance, as I was able to with “Watchtower” and “Shout”. Volume 2 finishes with Bono’s 1994 performance of “One Love” with Ziggy Marley.

Volume 5 features the above mentioned version of “Let it Be” where Bono was a background participant on stage. I have confirmed Bono was not part of the show for McCartney’s 2nd performance on that disc, “Blue Suede Shoes”. I could not find video of the third song McCartney did with the Rock Hall Jam Band, “What’d I Say”. But I expect Bono was only a participant on “Let it Be”.

Volume 8 has U2’s induction performance from 2005. Two songs were released on the 3-CD set mentioned above, but this digital “disc” has the other two songs as well, “Vertigo” and “Until the End of the World”.

Lots of U2 content there on that set. If anyone can help confirm whether U2 performed on other tracks on this set, it would be greatly appreciated. Big thanks to Ian for the tip about this release of digital tracks.

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