Rushdie’s Latest Novel to Rock Literary World (1998-04-18)

LONDON (April 8, 1998 07:31 a.m. EDT – Controversial author Salman Rushdie is basing his next novel on the
drug-fueled world of rock ‘n’ roll.

Rushdie revealed on British television late on Tuesday that Irish rock
band U2 had provided the inspiration for his as yet unfinished book.

“Rock stars should never let novelists on stage. They end up writing
novels,” Rushdie told Channel 4 television. U2 once brought Rushdie on
stage during a concert at Wembley stadium.

Indian-born Rushdie spent time with U2 researching the book and said he
had written lyrics for the hits of his fictional rock star. He hopes to
get real-life artistes to set these to music and to release a record to
accompany the book.

“… Now that I’m 51 (pop) music is also middle-aged so I’m writing
the first dinosaur rock novel,” he said.

Rushdie, who lives in hiding, still facing a death sentence issued by
Iran nine years ago for alleged blasphemy against Islam in his book
“The Satanic Verses.”

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