“Sing Street” Coming Soon - U2 are Out.

Original Story (2015-12-17)

Last week it was announced that the film Sing Street, by Irish director John Carney will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Carney had previously directed Once, and is a sometimes bass player with The Frames. His new film Sing Street was a musical with a bit of autobiography mixed in. The film is set in the 1980s in Dublin and tells the story of a teenager who starts a band.

Carney recently told The Irish Times that contrary to some news reports, the film does not feature original music by Bono and the Edge. The U2 band members were involved in early discussions, but scheduling difficulties made further collaboration impractical. “They were very helpful at an early stage though,” he confirms.

In 2014 a number of media outlets reported on Bono and The Edge being involved in this project. In June 2014 Carney told Rolling Stone that Bono and the Edge wouldn’t appear in the movie itself, and while their official role or level of involvement remained to be seen, the director said they would likely serve as some sort of executive musical producers, and pen two or three tracks for the film.

Carney relates, “[T]hey already have been extremely helpful in discussing the musical aspect of the film and what the sound is going to be like,” Carney tells Rolling Stone. “It’s going to be set in the Eighties; obviously U2 were extremely prolific then, so they’ll bring that, and they’ve just been great sounding boards. Bono has been very helpful with character and story as I’ve sort of pitched the project to him over the last few months.”

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