Site Update: Lyrics Refresh Part 2

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2020-10-19)

Back in May we announced we were working on the site, specifically on the lyrics section. We had incorporated word maps of lyrics for the pages that don’t have associated images, and we had added an option to listen to each song from official sources if one was available.

We are happy to announce that today we are launching the second phase of our lyric refresh. We have more to do but we are unveiling some of the new features today.

We’ve gone through and cleaned up a lot of the entries, including fixing up some things like formatting. All of our live lyrics will now contain a date if known, and all will be in the format, Sep. 21, 2020, for all entries. We’ve also made a few other changes to help with sorting, and finding things in our lyrics section.

But the biggest change? We have made it easier to find content. In the past you could find a lyric by going through the U2 discography and finding the release you wanted to view, or you could look at one overall list that included everything. Live tracks, chatter between songs, studio songs, solo projects and more all were in one list. We have added new functionality to our lyrics section which will help you find things quicker. You can now sort alphabetically by song title to find things in three categories. Studio songs can now be searched separate from live recordings, which can be sorted separate from solo tracks. For those that asked, the overall list will be still available. All of it can be reached through the main entrance to the U2 Lyrics section.

But we’ve also added new functionality. Want to know all of the songs that U2 have covered? We have a listing for those. Live and Studio! And there’s a separate list for things they have covered solo outside of the full band. We also have a list of all the spoken word material in our databases, like poems that Bono has recited on releases. And over the next few weeks we’ll be adding list of solo songs for each member of U2, songs that are instrumentals or mostly instrumental. We’ll give you options to look at all the songs from a specific release. We hope to be turning on new features each day starting on Friday. But you can see the ones that are complete now in our lyrics section. Let us know if you think of a way to list the songs that you think others might have an interest in.

A big thank you to our team member George who gave us the idea to start this part of the expansion of the lyrics database. As mentioned, there’s more to come and we do have some additional things to add soon.

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