“Songs of Experience” Feature in the New Q Magazine

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-10-21)

Thanks to Alan Ivory we can reveal some information about the new album from the upcoming issue of Q Magazine, which is featuring a four page preview of U2’s new album Songs of Experience.

Special guests on the album will include Kendrick Lamar and Haim. Lamar will be the “cracked preacher” doing the introduction to “American Soul” and Haim will be part of the chorus on “The Lights Of Home” which is based on a bass breakdown of Haim’s 2014 single “My Song 5”. (That Haim song is embedded at the end of this article.)

“Red Flag Day” is referred to as Bo Diddley-via-The Clash. It, and “Summer of Love” will tackle the Syrian refugee crisis.

In the article in Q, the songs mentioned are “You’re The Best Thing About Me”, “Landlady”, “There is a Light”, “The Lights of Home”, “Get Out of Your Own Way”, “Love is All We Have Left”, “American Soul”, and “Red Flag Day”. “Love Is All We Have Left” is identified as the opener, and the article references “There is a Light” as the closing track.

On the aspect of letters, “You’re The Best Thing About Me” and “Landlady” are to Ali. “Get Out of Your Own Way” is to Bono’s daughters, and the article says “There is a Light” is addressed to Bono’s sons. This is the first time we’ve heard the title “There is a Light” and it sounds like it may be a new title for either “The Little Things That Give You Away” (previously identified as the closing track of the album) or “Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It’s Way” which was previously identified as a letter to Bono’s sons. The lyrics to “The Little Things” included a line “A light had been turned on”.

Recording of the album took place in a mansion in Killiney, Ireland, in Electric Lady Studios in New York, and even in Bob Dylan’s former tour bus in the garden of the Shangri-la Studios in Malibu. Producers are identified as Steve Lillywhite, Ryan Tedder, Jacknife Lee, Jolyon Thomas, and Andy Barlow.

The magazine article confirms the December 1, 2017 release date for the album.

The article also addresses Bono’s health scare, (“Edge wasn’t fibbing when he said we had to stop and take account of what was going on in the world. He just didn’t want to mention what was going on in my world”) reveals lyrics for a number of songs,and talks about the production techniques used on the album. It also reveals that the Innocence and Experience tour will resume in late spring / early summer of 2018.

The magazine is being delivered to subscribers now and is the December 2017 issue (Issue 379). Noel Gallagher is featured on the cover of this issue for subscribers and the magazine also includes an article on Noel which includes discussion of his time in Buenos Aires with U2. It should start arriving on magazine shelves in the UK next week. The image below is taken from the article.

Bono from the newest issue of Q Magazine

Haim’s “My Song 5”, who will feature on “The Lights Of Home”

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