Songs of Experience Update

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-02-18)

As part of the new Mojo Magazine article, U2 speak about the progress of Songs of Experience.

Five song titles are revealed in the article, including “The Showman,” “The Best Thing About You Is Me,” “The Little Things That Give You Away,” “Red Flag Day,” and “Summer of Love”. They also reveal they are planning on going back into studio in March in New York City at Electric Lady Studios with producer Steve Lillywhite, and the intention is to re-record some of the songs previously worked on for the album. Adam Clayton says: “I’d say we’re at the 85 per cent mark. We have probably about 15, 16 songs that could justify a place on the record. We have to cut it down to 12, and it’s a case of moving songs in and out of the narrative, if you like.”

“The Best Thing About You Is Me” is the song that fans got to hear as DJ Kygo premiered his remix of the track last August at a music festival.

The article claims that U2 still expect to release the follow up to Songs of Innocence in the latter half of 2017.

A few other notes:

  • “The Showman” is about singers. It includes the lyrics “The showman gives you front row to his heart / The shaman prays that his heartache will chart / Making a spectacle of falling apart / Is the heart of the show”
  • “Red Flag Day” and “Summer of Love” will both reference the refugee crisis in Europe.
  • Adam expresses some disappointment that they didn’t get the right “clarity” to the mixes for Songs of Innocence, so they are working hard to get that right this time.

The new article is featured in issue 281 of Mojo Magazine, and will be released in the UK on Tuesday February 21 to newsstands. The magazine carries a cover date of April 2017 and features U2 on the cover. Mojo has printed a preview of the article. The issue can also be ordered online direct from Mojo.

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