Sphere Ticketing: Questions and Answers

Original Story by Aaron J Sams (2023-07-25)

We are seeing a lot of questions about ticketing for the shows at the Sphere. We’re hoping sharing some of the information below will help you out. We are a fan run site, however, and any questions should be addressed to Ticketmaster, Vibee, or to U2.com directly. And information from those sites should be considered correct over anything listed below if there is a discrepancy.

Suggested Resources

Although some of the resources above are dated, we still recommend that you make yourself familiar with the contents of these pages.

Additionally if you’ve bought ADA tickets and are still waiting to have your tickets assigned to your account, others are in a similar position. There is a thread at Zootopia here if you wish to discuss your experiences.

With that out of the way, we’ll try to answer a few questions below.

How Do I Sell My GA / Red Zone Tickets?

GA Tickets and Seated tickets are not being treated the same way. A lot of confusion seems to be originating from this.

GA tickets can only be sold using Ticketmaster’s Fan-To-Fan Face Value Exchange. Red Zone are being handled like GA. This is now open. A few notes:

  • At this time it appears only residents of Canada and the US can use this service to sell tickets, as a bank account from one of those country is necessary. (We are not aware that this will change, but please if you do find anything different, please let us know.)
  • You will find the link to sell your tickets by viewing your tickets themselves.
  • You are not selling your tickets directly to someone, you list them back on Ticketmaster, and someone has the opportunity to buy them from you at the original price. You cannot pick who buys them.
  • Some people are getting around the above by picking a set time to list the tickets and telling the person they wish to have the tickets to start looking for them at the same time. It’s not perfect, but if someone is actively searching when you list, they have a better chance of finding the tickets.
  • Others are still making plans to exchange tickets by entering with the person who bought the tickets. This is possible, but please remember your whole party will have to enter at one time. Make sure your plans match the other persons for arriving at the venue, lining up etc.

How Do I Buy GA Tickets That Have Been Listed?

  • You view tickets that are being listed for sale on the individual page listings at Ticketmaster.
  • Keep refreshing pages if you are looking for tickets, they pop up when another fan lists them for sale. Tickets have been showing up at all times and all days of the week, usually in small numbers when they do show up.
  • All dates are listed at Ticketmaster but be aware there are two different listings for each show, one for reserved seating and one for General Admission floor.
  • All tickets for General Admission / Red Zone appear to be sold out otherwise.
  • Ticket sales are through Ticketmaster, which reduces the risk, and all should be at face value.

How Do I Sell My Reserved Seats?

  • TM has not opened a resale option for seats on their website at this time.
  • At this point if you want to sell seats, you will have to do so outside of the Ticketmaster site.
  • Once you have sold seats, you can transfer them electronically using Ticketmaster to the person who has bought your tickets.
  • Many people are offering tickets for sale via various Facebook groups, U2Start.com has a ticket forum set up, and others are advertising on Twitter.
  • We would love to list your tickets at U2Songs but we cannot keep up with those requests. There have already been too many to respond to. Apologies we won’t be able to help at this time.

How Do I Look for Reserved Seat Tickets?

  • Start with Ticketmaster themselves. Although widely reported that these shows have sold out there are tickets available for many nights, and only the intitial handful of shows show no ticket availability. Some of these tickets may be affected by the “Limited view of the Sphere screen” and others may have been marked as “Official Platinum” tickets. Be aware of these, but there are also regular priced tickets that appear at times.
  • You no longer need to be a Verified Fan to look for tickets, anyone can access the sale listings.
  • If you do choose to look on the secondary market for tickets, they are out there. But use caution when purchasing tickets in this manner. Some things to consider for your protection:
    • If buying from another fan, do you know anyone in common? Can you ask for references?
    • If you are using PayPal to pay, ask to treat the payment as a service, which provides protection, if you pay as Friends and Family you won’t have a way to dispute the transaction if it goes wrong.
    • If you are paying, and use your Credit Card and the transaction goes poorly your Credit Card company may be able to help you in any dispute over charges.
    • If you are using a secondary ticketing agency, familiarize yourself with their protection policies before making a transaction.
    • Use some common sense. If someone approaches you with an offer that is too good to be true, make sure that you do what you can to protect yourself.
  • There are many groups out there where tickets are being sold. Although we cannot recommend any specific ones, if you search you will find them. Ask others fans about their experiences and where they are looking for tickets.
  • Don’t forget fans are selling their GA tickets, and there are some popping up daily, so keep an eye for those as an alternative to seats as well.
  • Once you have bought tickets, they will be transfered to you via Ticketmaster, and the seller will need your email address to complete this transfer. Once done you will need to accept them to move them into your account.

When will I hear about the VIP Seats?

  • Those who bought travel packages or VIP packages do not currently have tickets in their accounts.
  • Vibee who sold the packages initially had listed we would hear six to eight weeks before the show to assign these tickets, so they still have some time yet.
  • If you have questions about the Vibee packages you’ll have to communicate directly with the team at Vibee. https://u2.vibee.com/

What if I have Issues Not Mentioned Above?

While we can try to answer some of the basics, we cannot provide any direct help with ticketing issues. These will have to be resolved via the company you purchased tickets with. We suggest reaching out direct to Ticketmaster / Vibee where possible.

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