SPOILERS: Day Five: The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 Rehearsals

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-11-06)

The band performed again today with a full run through of the show. This is the fifth day in a row the band have been present at Mt Smart stadium. The band had previously spent three weeks rehearsing indoors in Monaco. It is expected that the show rehearsed tonight will be the songs that will be performed on opening night on Friday.

Please note that we know some of our readers are trying to avoid spoilers, and we ask that others try to help them do this by not posting song titles in comments on our social media feeds. That being said there are spoilers below for songs that were rehearsed on the second night. Look away at this point if you wish to know no more.


Before the full run down of the show the band did do some work on individual songs. This included the following:

  • Bullet the Blue Sky (Partial song)
  • Running to Stand Still (Full song)
  • Even Better Than the Real Thing
  • Every Breaking Wave
  • Beautiful Day (Bono sang the first two lines and then said he was cool with it.)
  • Whole of the Moon intro into Sunday Bloody Sunday (First verse)
  • Whole of the Moon intro into Sunday Bloody Sunday (First verse)
  • Pride (ending) into Where the Streets Have No Name (Opening)

From there a full rehearsal started. The band took the stage to a recording of “The Whole of the Moon,” which was also used in 2017 for the entrance to the shows on the latter part of the tour.

From there the band played the following songs at the B-stage:

  • Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • New Year’s Day
  • Bad
  • Pride (In the Name of Love)

During “Bad,” Bono managed to work in a snippet of Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream it’s Over. “ Crowded House is a band made up of members from Australia and New Zealand that formed in the mid-1980s.

From there the band moved back to the main stage where they performed The Joshua Tree in full. Visuals accompanying the songs are the same as what was used in 2017.

  • Where the Streets Have No Name
  • I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  • With or Without You
  • Bullet the Blue Sky
  • Running to Stand Still
  • Red Hill Mining Town
  • In God’s Country
  • Trip Through Your Wires
  • One Tree Hill
  • Exit
  • Mothers of the Disappeared

The band then moves into a section of songs that happened after The Joshua Tree including the following:

  • Angel of Harlem
  • Elevation
  • Vertigo
  • Even Better than the Real Thing
  • Every Breaking Wave
  • Beautiful Day
  • Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
  • Love is Bigger than Anything in its Way

The band has practiced a few alternate tracks in previous days, these were not done today. These songs may be used on second nights to mix up the show, and we are told that the band has worked on “All I Want is You” and “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone),” “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” as well as “You’re the Best Thing About Me”. These aren’t expected to be performed at the first night of the show. Initially there was no scheduled rehearsal for November 7, so this may have been the final rehearsal prior to opening night unless the band feels there is additional work that needs to be done.

After the main show was rehearsed we are told that The Edge remained behind working on individual songs for some time with the speakers turned off.

Security has been tight and is asking fans not stay put in one spot for long on the grounds of the stadium.

Many thanks to Marco, Dan, Laura and U2Start for information used in this article. And many thanks to Marco, U2FANZ, Stretch, Laura, Remy and U2Start for information about previous rehearsals. It is expected that rehearsals will continue daily up until the 6th, and we will report on them as information is available.

Other Rehearsal Updates:

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