SPOILERS: Day Four: The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 Rehearsals

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-11-05)

We are told that the band did a scaled back set of rehearsals today for The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 in Auckland NZ. It is the fourth day in a row that the band have been present at Mt Smart stadium. The band previously rehearsed for the shows in a venue in Monaco.

Before we get into the songs, a few non-spoilery pieces of news. Bono came out today and met with fans gathered at the stadium and signed some materials that the gathered fans had. The band also visited One Tree Hill, to pay tribute to the bands former employee, Greg Carroll, who was killed during the making of The Joshua Tree album and had first met the band when they toured New Zealand in 1984. News crews were present and the band can be seen at this location in the report at Newshub Late. For more information about Carroll, we interviewed his former band mate Tony Johns and took a look at his own recording catalog.

Please note that we know some of our readers are trying to avoid spoilers, and we ask that others try to help them do this by not posting song titles in comments on our social media feeds. That being said there are spoilers below for songs that were rehearsed on the second night. Look away at this point if you wish to know no more.


After playing a full rehearsal the day before, today’s rehearsal was more scaled back, and was focused working on individual songs. Thanks to Marco we can share that the following was heard to be played:

  • Pride: The band worked on the end of the song and how to finish it for a number of attempts
  • Mothers of the Disappeared: The band spent about 20 minutes working on the end of the song
  • Angel of Harlem: The band worked on the song and Bono also worked on his dialogue going into the song which is expected at the end of The Joshua Tree set. “well that was The Joshua Tree I’m trying to figure out what came next”.

The band had been rumoured not to play at all today at the stadium. After working on these three songs, the band took a break.

The band later played “All I Want is You,” done at a lower volume than the earlier songs. Bono could be heard singing a thing a low volume from outside the stadium.

At the end of the night the video system was tested and a number of videos with accompanying music were heard and seen. The screen was active until 1am in the morning. During this time the band was not playing, and the songs were through the PA, but these are accompanied by visuals and are an indication the songs are in the show. The songs heard were “Vertigo,” “Mothers of the Disappeared,” “Even Better Than the Real Thing,” “Beautiful Day,” and “Ultra Violet (Light My Way).” You can see what these looked like in the below video that Dan shared on Twitter.

Security has been tight and is asking fans not stay put in one spot for long on the grounds of the stadium.

Many thanks to Marco, Dan and U2Fanz for information used in this article. And many thanks to Stretch, Laura, Remy and U2Start for information about previous rehearsals. It is expected that rehearsals will continue daily up until the 6th, and we will report on them as information is available.

Other Rehearsal Updates:

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