SPOILERS: U2eiTOUR Rehearsal Day Eleven Report: April 19, 2018

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2018-04-19)


This article contains spoilers about the current U2eiTOUR rehearsals. It will contain song and set list information. If you wish to avoid this sort of information before seeing the show, please exit now. For those that continue on, please have some respect for fans that are attempting to avoid spoilers and mark these as spoilers if sharing.

U2 have been rehearsing in Laval, Quebec, just outside of Montreal for 11 days, having started April 9, 2018. They are rehearsing in advance of the new tour, eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE, which will begin May 2 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. U2 will continue to rehearse in Laval until April 23, 2018.

To date our previous summaries can be found here:

Some notes on the rehearsal information to date:

  • U2 have practiced a total of 9 days, and have taken two of these days off since arriving in Laval.
  • During that time they have done one full set run through (Day six), and one very complete set run through although the second was cut short for time. (Day Ten)
  • Although we have identified many songs that have been played during rehearsals there are times we have been unable to identify a song, or a song has been misidentified (for example “An Cat Dubh” was never played, it was identified in error, and later corrected, if you see it listed elsewhere it was indeed an error.).
  • The band also practiced in Monaco extensively, and are coming off a tour last year with a number of songs fully rehearsed from that. These sessions in Laval may not represent everything that they have prepared for the tour.
  • The band has been practicing with the PA off at times. When the PA is off songs cannot be heard and are not being reported.
  • The band does shake up the set list when they do two shows in one city, so a song being dropped from rehearsals may mean they are just working on a secondary set list. They will rehearse multiple songs and may not play songs each night in each city.
  • It is still early, the band still has a number of nights left to rehearse in Quebec before rehearsals move to Tulsa.
  • Errors happen. We do our best.
  • A big thank you to those hanging out in Laval and providing information, none of this could be done without them, and if you are enjoying the spoiler information, please take a chance to say thank you if you can.

Finally, while we are reporting on the song titles, we are also aware of some possible future revelations about the tour that have excited us, far more than a simple song list could. There are some big surprises in store for all of us if they carry through to the final production. Now onto what happened last night.

On April 19, 2018, the 11th day the band has been in Canada, Bono is not present at rehearsals. As previously reported, Bono was at an award gala on Thursday night to accept the first George W. Bush Medal for Distinguished Leadership. As part of that event, Bono and Bush did a brief chat on YouTube earlier in the day, had an hour long conversation later in the day, and there were also opportunities for attendees to the gala to meet with Bono. Bono is not expected back in Montreal until later today.

The remaining three members of the band did attend rehearsals at Place Bell in Montreal. All three arrived in the afternoon, as they have for the last few days. None of the three got out and greeted fans today, they moved directly into the venue. There was little to be heard until quite late in the evening, so it appears that whatever they were working on could not be heard by fans. The band does have a number of other aspects for the tour to get ready for including wardrobe, choreography, press and other things that could be done when no music is being played.

Later in the evening some music was heard, including the drums on no track that could be identified, and the guitar for “Until the End of the World” – this may have been the band, but may have also been the technicians working on stage. No full songs were heard at the venue while we had sources at the venue, but there may have been rehearsals held later at night, or the band may have worked ‘unplugged’ this evening. The only other song heard was the as-yet-unidentified pre-recorded song that U2 may use prior to the start of the show. Like “Soon” on the U2360 tour, this may be a U2 song that has not been released, as the vocals are said to possibly sound like it may be Bono.

As there appeared to be little activity at the venue most of those we have spoken to left the arena early in the evening after it became apparent that they were not greeting fans, and there was no audio activity to be heard. The band are due to finish in the Place Bell venue on Monday evening.

Many thanks to Talie, Karin, Annouche, Jean-Paul, Antoine, Jason, Olivier, Nathalie, Jason, Pierre, Alexandre, Isabelle, Oli and a few contributors who wished to remain unnamed for sending information to us and sharing information over the last few days.

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