SPOILERS: U2eiTOUR Rehearsal Day Twelve Report: April 20, 2018

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2018-04-20)


This article contains spoilers about the current U2eiTOUR rehearsals. It will contain song and set list information. If you wish to avoid this sort of information before seeing the show, please exit now. For those that continue on, please have some respect for fans that are attempting to avoid spoilers and mark these as spoilers if sharing.

U2 have been rehearsing in Laval, Quebec, just outside of Montreal for 12 days, having started April 9, 2018. They are rehearsing in advance of the new tour, eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE, which will begin May 2 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. U2 will continue to rehearse in Laval until April 23, 2018.

  • Although we have identified many songs that have been played during rehearsals there are times we have been unable to identify a song, or a song has been misidentified (for example “An Cat Dubh” was never played, it was identified in error, and later corrected, if you see it listed elsewhere it was indeed an error.).
  • The band also practiced in Monaco extensively, and are coming off a tour last year with a number of songs fully rehearsed from that. These sessions in Laval may not represent everything that they have prepared for the tour.
  • The band has been practicing with the PA off at times. When the PA is off songs cannot be heard and are not being reported.
  • A big thank you to those hanging out in Laval and providing information, none of this could be done without them, and if you are enjoying the spoiler information, please take a chance to say thank you if you can.

To date our previous summaries can be found here:

U2 got an early start today in Laval. Bono arrived early in the morning back from Texas. The band arrived earlier at the venue than on previous days, with everyone inside the building before 2pm. The rehearsals today started just a short time after the band arrived and there was no member of the band that came outside to interact with the fans gathered. Today the band appear to be doing a full run through of the show. Prior to today they have done one full set run through (Day six), and one very complete set run through although the second was cut short for time. (Day Ten). Today is the third full work through of songs, from the start of the show.

Today they performed the following:

  • Unknown Pre-Recorded Song (Possibly with Bono vocals)
  • Pre-Recorded Version of “Love is All We Have Left”
  • “The Blackout”
  • “Lights of Home”
  • “Beautiful Day”
  • “I Will Follow”
  • “The Ocean”
  • “Iris”
  • “Cedarwood Road”
  • “Song for Someone”
  • “Sunday Bloody Sunday”
  • “Raised by Wolves”
  • “Until the End of the World”
  • “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”
  • “Elevation”
  • “Desire”
  • “The Showman (Little More Better)”
  • “Vertigo”
  • “Acrobat”
  • “You’re the Best Thing About Me”
  • “Staring at the Sun”
  • “Pride (In the Name of Love)”
  • “Get Out of Your Own Way”
  • “American Soul”
  • “City of Blinding Lights”
  • “One”
  • “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way”
  • “13 (There is a Light)”

We have put this list together based on information from a number of different people but we are not 100% we have fully captured the set list as it happened. If we find any further information we will update the list at a later date. If you have any information especially in the later half of the concert please get in touch.

The full run through ended early and there was a long delay without sound, and we are unsure if they practiced again later in the evening.

UPDATE: April 21, 2018: We have changed the above list of songs, we had “Vertigo” and “The Showman” in reverse order, and we can now confirm that the band played “Acrobat” after “Vertigo” last night.

Additional note: We’ve updated our article about Day Nine (April 17, 2018), which we had not previously reported on. That update is here.

Many thanks to Talie, Karin, Annouche, Jean-Paul, Antoine, Jason, Olivier, Nathalie, Jason, Pierre, Alexandre, Isabelle, Oli, Christina, Kevin, Beatrice and a few contributors who wished to remain unnamed for sending information to us and sharing information over the last few days.

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