Press Release by Aaron J. Sams (2000-06-23)

World famous stars and millions of Jubilee 2000 supporters
around the world will launch an email action at Tony Blair, Bill
Clinton and the other world leaders this weekend telling them to
drop the debt of the poorest countries.

Bono, Thom Yorke of Radiohead, All Saints, Travis, Smashing
Pumpkins, Bush and Jude Law, Ryuichi Sakamoto from Japan,
and Italy’s Jovanotti will be sending the email to their online
fanclubs to forward on to net users all over the world.

The email action, which sends messages directly to the world’s
leaders, can also be accessed at , the
global debt activists’ site launched at the UK music festival
Glastonbury today.

The celebrities are also attempting to break a world record –
Jubilee 2000 needs only five million more email petitions to beat
the current figure of 22 million – before the next meeting of world
leaders, which takes place in Okinawa, Japan on July 21st-23rd.

Despite all their promises Blair, Clinton, the other world leaders
and the bureaucrats at the World Bank and IMF have failed to
cancel the debts of the poorest countries. At this moment,
19,000 children still die each day from debt. Africa pays out
$292 million in debt repayments each week.

For more information please contact Jamie Drummond on +44 (0)
961 346 334 / +44 (0) 7967 651 329 or Lucy Matthew on +44 (0)
7970 175 324.

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