Steve Lillywhite Mixing New U2 Single

Original story by Aaron J. Sams (2016-09-13)

Steve Lillywhite may be working on mixes of the newest U2 song as we speak. Alan Cross has a piece on Lillywhite on his blog A Journal of Musical Things. There’s a documentary about Steve coming later this year. But the piece that jumps out right away is at the end of the article:

Steve had better hang on tight to his phone while he’s here in Singapore. He told everyone during a keynote address that Bono had given him a ring and asked if he’d have a go at mixing the new U2 single. That mix is on his phone.

Steve Lillywhite is apparently mixing the new single for U2, and he’s carrying a final mix around in Singapore on his phone. Lets hope he has a better record of holding on to technology than Bono does! The news was shared with conference attendees today. He did not share details on the song, or the song itself. In August, DJ Kygo premiered a remix of “You’re the Best Thing (About Me)” at a Festival in Norway. On Sunday Morleigh Steinberg shared a clip on Instagram that contained eight seconds of audio thought to be another new song, “Love Is All We Have Left.” The latest issue of Rolling Stone prints they have spoken to a spokeswoman for U2 who claims the new album will not be ready for release until 2017.

On September 11, 2016, Lillywhite made an appearance on talkSPORT on The Two Mikes show. During that interview he made mention he was working with a “super group” of “old friends”. He did not confirm who it was he was working with during the interview, so it may be someone other than U2, but he did say that the song was “really special.”

The podcast of the interview is available to users of iTunes in the UK, at the following link. Choose the September 11 show, and the information about the new single can be found at the at one hour, 16 minutes into the broadcast. It can also be streamed live at which may be useful if you are not in the UK. Was he referring to his work with U2? Only time will tell but for now he refused to comment on who it was he was working with even when asked direct if he was working with Bono.

Both Alan Cross and Steve Lillywhite are in Singapore for the Music Matters Festival. Steve spoke at that festival today.

Alan Cross’s blog post also includes information about the forthcoming Lillywhite documentary. A clip available on YouTube of the documentary opens with Bono speaking about Lillywhite:

The documentary is being produced by HighTide Pictures. Lillywhite has worked with U2 since 1980 where he was the producer on their album Boy as well as other many other artists such as Simple Minds, The Killers, and the Dave Matthews Band.

Thanks to Alan Cross and his blog, A Journal of Musical Things as well as Thomas McKernan of We are ONE with U2 for information about the talkSPORT podcast.

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