Stories of Surrender Questions and Answers

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2022-10-04)

What is this Stories of Surrender tour?

It’s a tour to support the launch of Bono’s new book Surrender which will be released on November 1. Bono will be performing live, and telling stories of his life, live in person. This is not a U2 tour.

Will there be performances?

The tagline for the tour is “an evening of words, music and some mischief…” so expect some music. Bono has been working with a group of musicians on music for this performance piece, but at this point it is unknown how much music will be incorporated into the show.

Will U2 be performing?

No, U2 is not expected to be a part of these performances, other than Bono.

Where can I go for official information?

We are a fan site, run by fans. Although we try to present the most recent information, you should follow the information on official sites as they may have more recent announcements and would be the source of the most up-to-date information should anything change.

We do maintain a show archive at where we will track set lists, as well as news, and additional information about each show.

Will there be more shows announced?

The tour has been announced to be 14 shows, and is running on a tight schedule. We do not have any information that additional dates will be added at this time.

Will Bono be signing books?

There will not be a book signing at these “Stories of Surrender” events. Each ticket however will include a copy of Bono’s book, which will be available to be picked up at the show. The email from announcing this tour suggested that Bono would be making bookstore appearances as well, which may be signing appearances, but no details have been given at this time. Expect those to be separate events.

What are the venues for “Stories of Surrender” like?

These shows are being held in theatre settings. These venues have capacities between 1200 people (3Olympia Theatre, Dublin) and 3600 (The Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL)

Will I be able to take my phone?

At least one venue, the 3Olympia Theatre in Dublin, has announced that Yondr cases will be in use for the event there. These are cases which you place your phone into when you arrive at the venue, which are then locked for the duration of the performance. Most theatres will have an area outside the seating area, where you can unlock the phone if you need to check messages or use it. You will be able to feel vibrations through the case, so turn on your vibrations if you need to be notified of any calls prior to entering the event. It is not known if these will be in use at all venues.

What are the prices for these shows?

The prices have not been published for a number of shows. But some individual show venues have published pricing.

For Nashville there are five different pricing levels listed, $57, $77, $97, $152 and $252. These prices include a copy of Bono’s book, which can be picked up the night of the show. The Paris show lists a range of prices from 62 to 166.50 Euro. In Berlin the range of prices will be from 60 to 170 Euro.

What is “On Demand Pricing”?

Bigwave, a moderator at has confirmed, “There will be no dynamic pricing for this tour, we have been assured.” Please view the forum at for more information. (It’s also a great resource for help!)

Will there be a Pre-Sale?

Yes, U2.Com is having a pre-sale for subscribers. If you were a paid subscriber prior to the announcement of this tour yesterday, you are eligible to enter a pre-sale the day before the general on sale. Details about the pre-sale are available at These presales start and end on Thursday, October 6. We cannot offer help with pre-sale issues, and if you need help suggest you start at the help pages.

Why do I no longer have a “Red Hill” Subscriber status?

In the past, applied a subscriber status to separate new subscriber accounts which joined after a tour announcement, from long term subscribers. For the most recent Joshua Tree tour these long time subscribers were called “Red Hill” members. Because they are not offering people the opportunity to join the fan club new and take part in the pre-sale due to limited seats at these venues, there is no need to have these status levels.

Are there ticket limits?

Yes, all of the on sale information mentions that there is a strict 2 ticket limit per person AND per household for some locations (Toronto, Manchester, Glasgow). i.e. if there are two of you living in one household, you cannot buy 4 tickets, you are limited to two tickets at that address. In other locations they just list the ticket limit as 2 tickets per person, and do not limit it to household. Please check individual event pages for more information as it appears there may be differences depending on site.

People who go over that limit face potential cancellation of all tickets purchased. This applies not only for the pre-sales but also for the general on sales. These limits of 2 tickets are for all shows on this tour, and are listed for every show in each country.

What should I do before the ticket buying starts?

  • Get your ticketing agency accounts set up and make sure you’ve updated your address, phone numbers, and have the proper credit card on file if you save one. (Ticketmaster, etc.)
  • Log in to your U2.Com account if you plan on using the Presale offer and make sure you can access your profile page ( and the tour page ( as codes have been posted at these locations in the past, and it is useful to know where to go if you do not receive an email today.
  • With the two ticket per household / address limitation in effect for the first time, you should make sure that the address you have listed with the fan club matches that which you will be buying through the Ticketing agency in case these purchases are audited.
  • Don’t forget to take a deep breath. We’re wishing you luck in your purchases this week!

Can you share the pre-sale code?

  • We are sorry, we cannot share our pre-sale codes.
  • Pre-sale codes are unique to each subscriber account, and tied to an address for those who signed up before the announcement was made.
  • These codes can only be used once, and are not a general password for use to access the presale.
  • U2Com has frowned on sharing and selling of pre-sale codes in the past.

Are there age limits for the show?

Some venues in the UK have posted age limits for the show. In London anyone under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. In Glasgow, no one under 14 is allowed, and anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. In Manchester, anyone under 14 must be accompanied by someone over 18.

What time do the shows start?

Based on ticketing sites, most shows will start at 8pm. The exceptions are London (7pm) and Glasgow (6:30pm.) Although the Surrender Memoir website lists a start time for noon for Paris, we believe this is a mistake, and the tour ticketing site at Ticketmaster lists an 8pm start for Paris. Please check into the individual ticketing sites for any additional information, or for any changes in time.

How will tickets be delivered?

Tickets for the shows will be delivered electronically. This means there will be no paper ticket stub, and you will have to show your phone at the venue for entrance. To help combat scalping, electronic tickets will not be sent out until 72 hours before the show. It is not known at this time if you will be able to transfer tickets or not.

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale on Friday, October 7 at 10am local times.

New York, Boston & Toronto – 10am EDT = 3pm BST (7am PDT)
Chicago & Nashville – 10am CDT = 4pm BST (11am EDT & 8am PDT)
San Francisco & Los Angeles – 10am PDT = 6pm BST (1pm EDT)
Berlin, Paris & Madrid / 10am local = 9am BST / 4am EDT & 1am PDT.
London, Glasgow, Manchester & Dublin – 10am BST / 5am EDT & 2pm PDT

There is a pre-sale via which happens the day before, on Thursday, October 6. More information about the presale can be found here. You had to be a member of prior to the tour announcement in order to take part in the presale. New subscribers are not eligible to take part.

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