Summer of Love and Red Flag Day Singles

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2018-08-01)

We have been told that “Summer of Love” is slated to be the next single from U2 and will be commercially released in conjunction with the new leg of the Experience + Innocence tour. The song is also expected to be released to radio worldwide and will be promoted with a commercial remix EP, which should be released in the next few weeks, potentially as soon as this Friday. [Update: August 2, the EP will not be released tomorrow, and is more likely to be released later in the month.] The EP is expected to contain four different remixes of the “Summer of Love”. We will hopefully have more information to share in the next day or two about this release.

At this point we cannot confirm which remixes will be on the single but there’s a few that we have heard that have been released by DJs that we have enjoyed.

Tilt and Danny Stubbs, did a Perfecto Remix of “Summer of Love” back in December. It wasn’t officially commissioned, but it is a great mix of the song. Mick Park, one of the producers involved previously was part of Killahurtz, and was involved in remixes of “All Because of You” and “Original of the Species” in 2005.

VIDEO: Summer of Love (Tilt & Danny Stubbs Perfecto Remix)

Rusty Egan and HP Hoeger, have also done a variety of mixes of “Summer of Love” and Egan has been using one in his shows. This one is a particular favorite of mine, and I would love to see it released. If the names sound familiar to you, its because their remixes of “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” have just been released last month to commercial storefronts and streaming services. We recently did an interview with Egan where he discussed his mixes of both tracks.

AUDIO: Summer of Love (Rusty Egan and HP Hoeger Remix), Starts at 03:00

“Summer of Love” was released to Dutch radio in January 2018, but was only done in that country. The release was a test to see how the song would fare on radio. It looks as if it is finally getting a full release worldwide.

We are told that “Red Flag Day” will also eventually see release as well, but later in the Fall is more likely for that one.

While the tour was in Nashville U2 stopped in to Third Man Records and recorded two songs for a single. The news of the performance from U2 on Twitter included mention of a “special limited edition vinyl coming soon”. The two songs were “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” and “Red Flag Day”. Third Man Records was involved in U2’s 2017 release for the Black Friday Record Store Day event, “The Blackout”, and U2 released “Lights of Home” for the spring Record Store Day event. Our money on “Red Flag Day” making an appearance on vinyl this year for Black Friday, the event is held on November 23, 2018, and the details of releases should be announced soon. We’ve also been told that one of the reasons “Red Flag Day” wasn’t part of the Apollo broadcast was they wanted to leave the door open to release that version at a later date to promote a single. However, at this time it is not know if “Red Flag Day” will be sent to radio.

Bono and The Edge recently appeared on a podcast titled “RU Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: Me?“, interviewed backstage at a recent tour stop at Madison Square Garden. During that interview, they confirmed that the band plans on adding both “Red Flag Day” and “Summer of Love” to the set list when the tour resumes on August 31. Bono said “This song, “Summer of Love,” is becoming an important song as we go into Experience + Innocence in Europe, and “Red Flag Day” also. “Red Flag Day” is right up there with our best tunes. Feels like an early U2 song.”

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