“Summer of Love” Pushed to DJs in UK

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2018-02-28)

“Summer of Love” is now also being made available to club DJs in the UK as a new track, soon to be released as a single. The song being delivered in the UK is a slight edit of the album version, and is shorter by 4.75 seconds. This is due to an earlier fade out of the song, and the removal of the silence that is found at the end of the album version. About 1.68 seconds of this audio removed is the end of the song, and the remainder is silence that is removed.

“Summer of Love” is available on the Essential Hits Issue 155 compilation from the label DMC (Disco Mix Club.) The service started in 1983, issuing mixes of popular tracks of various artists. These remix labels were popular means for DJs to obtain the latest songs. By 1994 there was a flood of these remix services, and the RIAA got involved and notified these services that they needed to have clear permission from publishers, or they would face legal action, shutting down many of these services. The ones that survived now work with labels. The labels provide copies of the latest songs that they want promoted, and the DJs in return help break these tracks as part of these compilations. DMC is registered under the British Phonographic Industry and are licensed to release music.

DMC made it through the issues of the 1990s, and today produces a number of legitimate promotional releases, such as the “Essential Hits” series of CDs highlighting the newest tracks released by the label. They also do produce a line of “Bootleg” CDs as well which do contain mashups, and mega-mixes, which are not legitimate remixes, but they are tolerated by the label in return for the promotion done of other materials. Access to the CDs are for music professionals who can apply through the DMC to buy music as downloads or as physical copies. If you are not a DJ or music professional, you are unable to access these musical releases.

DMC releases are aimed at the commercial club DJ, and are not usually for radio DJs.

“Summer of Love” appears on the Essential Hits Issue 155 compilation” which includes tracks from the Mid-Month UK chart and “pre-releases” of songs intended to be a single. They appear on the disc alongside artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Stereophonics, and Simple Minds. The disc was made available to DJs last week, on February 21.

Earlier this month we brought the news that “Summer of Love” had also been formally released to Dutch radio. Dutch DJ, Ruud de Wild claimed on air that U2’s next single would be “Summer of Love”. On Friday, February 2, the song was digitally delivered to radio in The Netherlands, but only in the Netherlands. (Please note: No promotional CD has been issued, this delivery was fully digital and there were no CDs or CD-Rs produced for promotion in The Netherlands.)

The song has only been getting a large amount of airplay in The Netherlands, and Caribbean islands which are part of The Netherlands with 77.2% of recorded airplay being in these regions. The song has gotten a small amount of airplay in other countries as well most notably in Westen Europe, Belgium, as well as in Spain in the Gran Canaria and Costa Blanca regions. Only sparse airplay is being recorded anywhere else in the world.

“Summer of Love” has also appeared on the Media Markt Tipparade, the measure used for chart success in The Netherlands. This particular chart is the listing of songs outside of the Dutch Top 40. Currently the song is listed at #17 on this chart. The song has been steadily climbing on this chart since its debut six weeks ago. That means “Summer of Love” has already surpassed both “You’re The Best Thing About Me“ and “Get Out of Your Own Way“ in these Dutch charts. “You’re the Best Thing About Me” had peaked at #21 on this chart of songs outside the top 40.

“Summer of Love” was also recently remixed by TILT and Danny Stubbs, and that remix has been also getting some airplay, and notice.

At this point it looks like the next single to get the full release treatment from the album is likely “Summer of Love.” “Get Out of Your Own Way” is still being pushed at American radio but expect the push for that song to wrap up soon and focus move to promotion of the next song shortly.

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