Thank You for 20 Years

Original story ( by Aaron J. Sams (2015-04-07)

Twenty years ago this week, AJ uploaded his first U2 Web site to the University of Ohio State as part of a final class project at Mount Allison University. It started as a list of singles and b-sides released since the discography in the Rattle and Hum movie book (1988 – 1995). That list has been maintained ever since – first at Ohio State, then at TUNS, finally moving on to free sites at Geocities and Xoom, then at home on before we opened on June 11, 2000. Over those twenty years, there has been numerous people who have helped out, far too many to thank individually, but I want to say each contribution has been welcome and thank you if you have contributed. I would like to take a moment to thank the current staff, Carl, Brad, Mike, Don, Harry and George. We are currently working to bring you a new version of the site, and are excited about what the future holds. Happy anniversary! smile

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