The Crystal Ball: Australia Rumours and Looking ahead at 2019

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-02-09)

Updated information: February 9, 2019:

A few additional pieces of information have been sent our way, but these are for a tour that has not been officially announced, and appears to still be in the planning stages, and these items may change with the official announcement:

  • A rumoured show for New Zealand is being reported to us as happening on November 8, 2019. It is not known if this is the start of the tour or if there will be earlier dates before that. Until such time that these are officially announced, this should be considered a rumour only, and should not be used to book travel or accommodation.
  • At least four cities in Australia are on the currently being developed itinerary, we are told that there is room to add additional cities at the end of the current plans. It is not known if this may include an additional city in Australia or possibly stops in Asia.
  • Earlier rumours (see links below) suggested that U2 were looking at new countries as options for this tour. We are told that Singapore is on the final list that is being worked on. It is the first city outside of Australia and New Zealand that has been named to us, but it is not expected to be the only Asian stop. We do not know if this will be before New Zealand, or after Australia.
  • Each city should receive two shows, but expect that when announced, only the first show will be sold, with the second being added after initial sales.
  • Some components of the stage / screen for The Joshua Tree 2017 are reportedly in the region in storage now, and may be used for this tour, but this tour will not be branded the same, and modifications to the stage are being designed.
  • There are no rumours that this tour will continue on beyond December 2019.
  • Other sources beyond our initial sources that we mentioned in yesterday’s article, have now also shared with us that this tour is being planned.

If the tour is announced, it will not be the first time that U2 has visited Australia a little later than the rest of the world. When the original Joshua Tree tour did not make it to Australia in 1987, the band finally visited in 1989 on the LoveTown tour. That tour would also take the band through Europe. In 2006, the band delayed a number of tour dates in Asia and Australia for personal reasons, and had an eight month break in the tour before finishing with shows in Australia and Asia, and a final show in Hawaii. Rumours that this 2019 tour would happen started last fall at the end of the Experience and Innocence tour, when tour crew told fans that they had been asked to keep their schedules open for possible further touring in the latter part of the year.

Original story: February 7, 2019:

Originally we were told that The Joshua Tree home video release would happen in late 2018 while work was being done on editing the film. That was pushed back to this year, and we were told to expect it in the first half of the year, with the release of Experience + Innocence on home video in the second half of 2019. There are some stories suggesting this will be released on March 9, 2019, the anniversary of the release of the release of The Joshua Tree. We have been told by reliable sources that it will not happen in March but it is still scheduled to follow later in the year. It won’t be long, but perhaps a little longer wait than some were expecting, and won’t be out in March. This is not a delay, our info always suggested that the release would not be this early.

Speaking of waiting, we’ve gotten a number of questions about when the rumoured tour may be announced, and if we have heard of any further information about the tour. We have heard some additional information just this week from a couple of reliable sources, and it appears that the tour is still being looked at for stadiums in Australia in late 2019. We are being told that the first show in Australia should be November 13 but this will not be the opening date of the tour, and until such time that this is officially announced, this should be considered a rumour. Travel or accommodation should not be booked until the tour is officially announced, as we have seen in the past that dates and even cities can change right up until the official announcement. This date is not expected to be the start of the tour, and other dates before that time are expected outside of Australia. The tour should run into early December. At this time based on what our contacts have revealed it looks as if some work on scheduling is still being done, and not all of the dates may have been finalized. We do not know at this time when a tour would be announced, but will continue to bring you information as we know more.

In two weeks, the new remastered versions of No Line on the Horizon are being released. One set will be released on black vinyl (with a black information sticker on the front) and the other set will be released on clear vinyl (with a white information sticker on the front.) Unlike the blue and gold releases last fall of Zooropa and The Joshua Tree, which were exclusive to certain stores, the releases of No Line on the Horizon are not exclusives and should be available anywhere you have purchased new vinyl from Universal in the past.

They are available for pre-order on U2.Com, are now appearing on most Amazon stores worldwide, can be ordered direct from Universal in many countries. You should also be able to enquire now about these at your local record shops to see if they are able to get these in direct for you. To help you find these, the black vinyl will have a catalog number of 5797085 and a UPC of 0602557970852. The clear vinyl version will have a catalog number of 7733839 and a UPC of 0602577338397. Expect to pay more for the clear vinyl – the listings we’ve seen list it at $5 – $8 more expensive than the black vinyl version of the release. The clear vinyl will be limited and once it is sold out it will not be repressed. The black vinyl will be kept in print.

“The Europa EP” is coming soon as well, we are told to expect the announcement of Record Store Day titles towards the end of February. A few other U2 related releases are coming soon as well, including a 2-disc fan club set containing live material from the recent tours. U2 have also recorded a cover of T-Rex’s “Get it On (Bang a Gong)” which will be released on a tribute album later this year. And later in the year we should see the release on home video of the Experience + Innocence tour, filmed by David Mallet’s Serpent Productions.

Below you can find some of our earlier articles on these rumours should you like to look back at previous reports:

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