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Original Story by U2Songs.Com (2017-09-22)

What’s up next for U2? The third leg of the tour is winding to an end today in San Diego. The next leg starts and runs from October 3 until October 25 in Mexico and South America.

Occasionally we like to step back and share some of the bits and pieces we hear along the way. As with anything U2 related, dates can change and these should all be taken as rumour until such time that they actually happen.

First up? Anton Corbijn is rumoured to be working on the tour film for The Joshua Tree 2017. Corbijn’s visuals are firmly connected with the original album, and his visuals form the basis for much of the current tour, especially the 11 songs from the original album. Corbijn is no stranger to working on tour films, as he’s directed Depeche Mode’s Devotional film in 1993, and their Live in Berlin film in 2014. Corbijn has been at the last few tour stops and has been filming some footage. The rumour shared with us is that the two shows in Buenos Aires are the two that are being filmed this tour. That gives the band and Corbijn two shows to get the shots that they require for the tour documentary. But it appears some pre-production work is being done already at various shows in the USA.

The album announcement that was expected with the release of “You’re The Best Thing About Me” left a little to be desired. The band still has not clearly announced the date of release, planned formats for the album, track listing or many other important details. The date will be this year, and this has been confirmed by Adam, Bono and The Edge. But the Edge has refused to give a specific date, while Bono and Adam have said that it will arrive December 1. We are told that the full details should come out on Friday, October 20th or thereabouts. The band are not performing that day, but will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the four concerts being held there. It is not known at this time if they will do something in regards to the announcement or if the details will be announced without their live participation.

We are able to let you know the list of songs that U2 have discussed in the recent weeks of interviews. The band has named the following:

  • American Soul
  • Summer of Love
  • You’re The Best Thing About Me
  • The Blackout
  • The Lights of Home
  • The Little Things That Give You Away
  • Get Out Of Your Own Way
  • The Showman
  • Love is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way
  • Love is All We Have Left

That’s 10 songs that a member of U2 has mentioned in interviews in the last two weeks as being on the album. Will there be others? “Red Flag Day” is a song that was played during listening sessions this summer on The Joshua Tree 2017 tour, so we think there’s a good chance that belongs on the list as well. Older titles such as “Much More Better,” “Tightrope” and “Civilisation” have not been discussed since much earlier in the year and may no longer be part of the project or may have changed into another song on the path to the album. Sounds like it may be a few weeks yet before we know.

We’re also told the announcement in October may include an announcement of tour dates for the Experience and Innocence tour, expected to start in late March 2018. Tickets will go on sale shortly after any announcement. The tour is expected to hit the USA, Europe and Australia / Asia in 2018. We do not have any information about exact dates or routes at this time. Previously we were told this tour announcement would be in early December, so don’t get excited yet.

An earlier rumour was that a second single from the album would be released this fall, and although it was suggested to us that it would be released in November, October 20 is a Friday, and that is now the day that new music is released worldwide. It would be an opportunity to get some promotion for a new song underway before a promotional tour starts. The promotional tour for this new album will start after the current tour ends on October 25, the band will take a few days between the two, so expect some promotional dates to start showing up in mid-November.

Also coming this fall, U2 will likely be participating in a tribute album to T.Rex, having recorded their track in New Orleans. We’ve also been told they will be contributing a live version of one of the songs performed on The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 to another compilation album coming this fall. And finally, the U2.Com subscription gift should be shipping any day for the 2017 present. In case you’ve forgotten that gift will be four 10-inch records, each containing one of the original singles on the A-Side, and a live version of that song from this years tour on the B-Side. The four songs will be “With or Without You,” “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” “Where the Streets Have No Name” and “In God’s Country.” When resubscribing users were told that this gift would begin to ship in September.

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