The Experience Bus

Original Story (2015-12-13)

This week a promotional video from Curb Films appeared on Vimeo, looking at the Experience bus with U2. The video was done for Apple Music. It is a look at the bus which was parked at shows in London and Dublin, that allowed fans a chance to view the newest video for “Song for Someone” as a Virtual Reality experience. Headphones and VR goggles allowed viewers to look around as the video played and see different things and hear different things depending on the direction they were looking.

The video by Curb Films is 1:45 in length, and allows those of us who couldn’t participate in the bus a chance to see what was involved. It features the outside of the bus, as well as views within the bus and of fans enjoying the experience.

The video used in this VR performance, shown on the bus, was filmed in Toronto and other points around the world. The band on an empty stage setting was the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. But it is interspersed with footage of other musicians around the world performing “Song for Someone” mixed in with U2’s own performance. Adam and The Edge even drop into some of these international sessions. Bono also dropped in on one fan singing the song, but that performance did not make the final edit.

The video was directed by Chris Milk, and was initially released as an exclusive to the bus. The next day it was made available through the Vrse app on Apple and Android platforms.

Milk said of the project, “It was an amazing experience working with the people at Apple on this project,” says Milk. “[Apple Music head] Jimmy Iovine is, of course, interested in music and innovation and has been a huge supporter of this project from the beginning—and was instrumental in making it come to fruition.”

More information on the video can be found in this feature on Wired.

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