The U2UV Pins

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2024-03-06)

Pauli the PSM, Atomic MC DJ, opened 40 shows at Sphere. He hopped into the back of a Trabant and played a mix of songs from the 70s, 80s, and onwards. The dance party got started on Edge’s side of the stage each night, but the Trabant would move during the performance, the first time when Pauli played The Beatles’ “Drive My Car”. You can see a run down of some of Pauli the PSM’s mixes here in our story about the music of Sphere.

If you were lucky, the guys assisting Pauli were handing out pins to people in the crowd as the car went through. (Various U2 crew members also had pins that would be given out over the shows.) These pins were all decorated with various designs seen on other U2:UV merchandise. You couldn’t buy these at Zoo Station or at Sphere itself. They were only ever given away by U2 and Pauli the PSM’s team.

Did you get a pin? Is it one of the ones we’ve identified below? If not, we’d love to see a photo of it, preferably on a white background straight on. You can email us at contact at We’re tracking officially produced items, and although there were some lovely fan made pins, we are not looking for information on those at this time.

The following are the pins we know about:

01 U2:UV Logo (Green and Blue)

02 U2:UV 70’s Sphere

03 U2:UV / Pauli the PSM Trabant Design

04 U2:UV Zoo Baby in a Globe

05 U2:UV / Pauli the PSM Logo (Purple and Pink)

06 U2:UV Five Symbols

07 U2:UV Spheres

08 U2:UV Logo (Purple and Pink)

09 U2:UV Las Vegas (Multicoloured Concentric Circles)

10 U2:UV / Pauli the PSM Logo (Pink and Orange)

11 U2:UV Light Cross

12 U2:UV / Pauli the PSM Logo (Green and Blue)

13 U2:UV Butterfly

14 U2:UV Light My Way Logo

15 Pauli the PSM on Black Background

16 Astronaut / Planet / Moon / Sun

17 U2 Logo (Bigger button size © 2018)

18 U2 Logo (Bigger button size)

We will add to the list as any additional information comes in. All of the pins above are a small sized pin, just shy of 1-inch in diameter. The U2 logo pin are older pins, although given out at the Las Vegas shows and is slightly bigger at 1.25-inch in diameter.

Not only were pins given out, there were also metallic stickers which included an image of Pauli the PSM with a disco ball behind him. The sticker can be seen below.

Pauli the PSM Sticker

Photos include photos taken by Grace, Jesse, Jenna, Aaron, Anita, Jenny S and SlightedRadio91 from U2Start. Many thanks for the contributions so far!

For anyone looking for information about other merchandise we have articles about the 2023 and 2024 sold merchandise here:

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