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Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-11-06)

Over the last few weeks we’ve been feeling quite a buzz, and are looking forward to this tour. We are told that Bono’s voice is strong and sounds great. The band sounds refreshed and the kinks are getting worked out of the songs. Last night there was a full rehearsal of the show, and it sounded amazing.

We thought we’d take a few minutes before all the craziness kicks in to let you know what our coverage of the tour will be, and where to find a few things around the site.

First of all, we will be at several shows along the tour route in person. The team here at U2Songs is looking forward to getting out and seeing this show. We’ll be reporting live from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Korea and possibly India. We’ll share what we see, and do what we can do to let you into the sound where it is possible. But where do you find that coverage?

You can find the site at U2Songs on Twitter. We use Twitter to tweet live during shows, to share video and information from the shows, and often to share photos and trivia as they happen. We expect to continue that for this tour, and most of our feature news pieces will be mentioned on Twitter as well. You can also find our Twitter feed on the front page if you scroll down to the bottom.

You can find us again at U2Songs. All of our major news stories about the tour will be highlighted and shared there. But we also use Facebook for post-show wrap ups, where we list what was played and what has happened at the concerts, and share photos if we were in attendance. We hope it is a perfect place to start for those early mornings when you wake up and wonder what was missed from the night before.

We do have an account on the streaming audio service and we’ve shared shows in the past using that account as they happen. Its unlikely to be used before Tokyo this time out but you can find us at U2Songs.

The Web Site: News about the Tour
Since the last tour we’ve reorganized a bit. Instead of having a separate News section for this tour, we’ve set up our Show pages, which collect all the news about the shows that we publish, plus give a handy reference to the shows and the history of the tour. You can find the Show page for The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 here. All of the news is at the bottom, sorted by date as it was published. You can also find the most recent news stories on our front page and also in our news page, where they may be mixed with other stories from around the site.

The Web Site: Showtime Converter
Want to know when a show is starting in your own time zone? We’ve made that as easy as we could for you. If you visit our “What time is Showtime?“ link on the front page, you’ll find our time zone converter. (It’s right below the countdown that is ticking down to Auckland now!) It does all the math for you, and should display roughly when each show will happen in your own local time. It will display different local times depending on where you are viewing the page. We’ve set the time to 8:30pm, as that generally was the time that U2 takes the stage in past tours. But it always pays to keep an eye out in case U2 goes on early.

Older Stories:
Interested in looking back at The Joshua Tree Tour of 2017? We did a lot of stories about that tour, from looking at the women on screen during “Ultra Violet,” to looking at the songs played ahead of each show, and tracking the poetry that appeared on screen and the spotlight on Larry each night. It included a look back at the life of Greg Carroll, an interview with one of the members of the original brass band featured on “Red Hill Mining Town” and a look at Joshua Tree demo recordings and special features looking at each of the producers involved in The Joshua Tree. All of this can be reached through our Joshua Tree 2017 site and much of it can be found through the show page for that tour. There’s also lots of links there if you just want to jump right to a section!

Where ever you are joining us from, or where ever you are traveling to see the shows, we thank you for stopping in. We hope you find something that keeps you coming back, and we wish you well on the eve of U2’s next tour…it has almost been a year since we first shared rumours about this tour, and we owe many of you thanks for contributions over the past year. Thanks for your stories, the information you’ve shared, the comments you make, and all you do to help us out.

Other Rehearsal Updates:

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