Three (CBS)

Hot Press by Sandy Harsch (1979-10-12)

1.) “Out of Control” – the paradox being that the single itself is very tightly controlled, almost to the point of suffocation. The vocals are so far back in the mix that some of the coiled energy implicit in the music is dissipated in trying to catch what’s going on

2.) “Stories For Boys” is by far my favourite – it’s unbelievably fast, but not simply to impress. The lyrics work better that way, coinciding in feeling with the natural adrenaline rush of the rest of the song

3.) “Boy/Girl” is well thought-out, tight and effective: a good song, but not as spontaneous as “Stories.”

If DJs pick up on “Stories,” the band should have a major and thoroughly deserved hit. But why is the weakest track the A-side?

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