Tour Update: Joshua Tree 2019

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-06-11)

Today was the start of the general sales for Australia and New Zealand shows for the upcoming The Joshua Tree Tour 2019. All six shows announced for these countries were put on sale, after a series of prior presales through U2.Com and through Live Nation.

Auckland was announced as a sellout early on, and a second show was announced via U2.Com. Sydney was also quick to be labeled as a sellout and a second show has been announced for there as well. Both shows are listed as “second and final” shows for the respective cities, and an email has since gone out from U2.Com confirming these dates.

At this time, none of the other shows have been labeled as sell outs, and tickets remain available for many. Melbourne, which has been rumoured to be getting a second show for some time is showing less than 300 seats available for sale at this time, and most of those seats are single seats by themselves. It remains to be seen at this time if a second show will be announced. Adelaide and Perth, still have a wide range of tickets available, including GA tickets for both shows. According to our sources prior to the announcement of the tour, neither city is expected to get a second show.

Tomorrow, the general sale for Seoul begins, and should that go well, we do expect that a second show for Seoul will be announced. Two shows have been rumoured for Seoul. We are also told that the Singapore date should be announced this week.

We’ve done a few updates around the site to match the new information:

We’re also working on an update to our Questions and Answers article reflecting these new presales. That should be available later today.

Upcoming presales include presales for Ticket PIA and E-Plus for Japan residents registered with those companies which happen from June 14 until June 23. If there are any tickets left after those presales, the general sale for Japan happens on July 20. Due to long lead time in Japan sales, both shows in Japan were announced as part of the initial announcement of the tour.

Please note that Live Nation in Australia have published a fact sheet for the concert which states, “Tickets purchased via on seller sites such as Viagogo, The Ticket Merchant, Ticketblaster, Queen of Tickets, E-Bay or Gumtree will not gain entry into the event and we do not encourage anyone to purchase via these 3rd party agencies.”

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