Tour Updates: June 17, 2019

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-06-17)

General onsales started today in Auckland and in Sydney for the second shows on the tour. These are the first two shows announced for a second show in these countries. Tickets are still available for both shows, although some ticket categories are now limited or sold out at this point.

Red Hill presales have started for Singapore and people are reporting ease in buying tickets. There have been some issues with selecting a delivery method, although those seem to be fixed at this point. The general onsale for Singapore is Thursday June 20. Fans had a surprise when the U2.Com presale appeared to start early, and many reported being able to buy tickets early on Sunday morning (Singapore Time). But this was definitely an error, and those who bought tickets have seen their tickets cancelled and a refund processed.

The general onsale for Japan is some time away yet, and is being held on July 20, 2019. Currently Japan is in the midst of a lottery based presale, which started on June 14, and runs until June 23. This presale allows you to buy tickets in advance through Ticket PIA or e-Plus if you are a member of those ticket agencies. Currently applications are in Japanese only, and are limited to Japan residents. An English language presale will be available at a later date once the Japan presales end. Those English language presales have not been announced yet but will happen before the general onsale on July 20.

Second shows have been mentioned for Seoul and Melbourne to us. Information about both have been shared by those who shared rumours about the tour initially. Singapore, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide are not expected to get a second show.

At this point we are still being told that Melbourne should get a second show, and that the promoters are working out a logistical issue for the first show there, which should be sorted this week. The tickets that were initially placed on sale for the first show in Melbourne have sold well, and there is only a very small amount still available at any price range. Expect to see a second show announced soon if it going to be announced. It is likely that the sales for the second shows in Sydney will be taken into consideration when making the final decision on a second show for Melbourne as well.

In Seoul, there are still many tickets available to the first show available in the GA areas. Although seats sold well, and fast, the General Admission field has not sold as well. The bulk of tickets that remain available are in the back half of the GA field (Both the show in Japan and the show in South Korea will have a front and a back GA area, and these were ticketed separately.) Currently as I write this, 14 floor tickets are available in the front part of the field, and 1574 floor tickets are available in the back part of the field.

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