Tour Songs

The tour songs section is an area where we track the music that is played before, after, and sometimes during U2 live performances. This includes the songs that are played while fans are waiting for the show to begin, intro songs for the concert, as well as songs played after U2 leave the stage. This is a list in most cases of music not by U2, but by other artists chosen by U2 / Gavin Friday to be a part of the live experience. We do have information about older performances as well, and we will work to compile that soon.

Spotify Play Lists

As part of our articles listed above we've crafted a number of playlists in Spotify which allow you to listen directly to the songs mentioned in the articles. The links are below for these playlists, should you want to skip right to the music without digging through articles. Not every song is present in these playlists, some artists such as Jay-Z and Arcade Fire have limited releases on Spotify. The links below will take you to Spotify, and you will leave U2Songs.Com.

Apple Music Play Lists

And thanks to Colin T, we have a few playlists on Apple Music as well, documenting U2's 2018 #U2eiTour including one that was used for the first part of Europe, up to the shows in London, and a second which was used from London onwards. We also now have added some of the earlier tours.