#U240: Celebrating 40 years of U2

Original story by Aaron J. Sams (2016-04-24)

There’s been a new hash tag appearing on Twitter, and other social media sites. #U240 is being used by fans around the world to identify posts about U2. The idea got its start with posts from @U2DesireGR, the U2 Fan Club Desire. We had a chance to speak to John Abruzzi Kaiafas about the hashtag and the campaign for U2’s 40th anniversary.

The U2 Fan Club Desire was founded in Athens Greece in 1997. They’ve been acknowledged by U2’s record label in Greece. The Fan Club was set up initially to exchange views with other U2ers and to arrange U2 parties in Greece, an area where the clubs and bars were not playing much U2 at the time. They initially began with posters and flyers in record stores to promote the group, and mentions in the press. They have more recently started to establish their online presence.

I asked John why they were starting a specific hashtag this year. “Well, this year is not any year…U2 will turn 40 and 3 days ago was thinking that we, as U2ers, have to make something big about that. We have to leave our mark. And it just popped out of my head.. Why don’t celebrate the whole year and not just 25th of September? Why not honor U2 in every post/tweet with this hashtag, to thank the band for these incredible 40 years? All U2ers from Australia, Canada to Asia and Africa by using #U240 in every post, will show their love for the band in this wonderful year that 2016 is. Wonderful cause it’s been 40 years that made our lives better in so many ways…”

The idea is simple. They are asking for fans to promote the idea of using “#U240” to tag their posts this year, the fortieth anniversary of the band. They are hoping to get enough interest in the idea that the tag with start to trend, and are hopeful they can keep it going throughout the year. “My goal is to make U2 understand what they mean to us…and if we all use #U240 and make it a global move, it will show that not only U2 is the biggest band in the world but they have the “biggest” fans in the world! And let’s face it…there are not many 40 years old groups…if any…”

John mentions that they are asking fans to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail. He’s also approaching the official U2 accounts to let them know about #U240 and to explain why they are asking people to use the hashtag when tagging posts this year.

You can see that fans are already using the tag on Twitter, to celebrate the band’s 40th year. @U2DesireGR has even done up some graphics here which can be used to promote the idea.

Lets take a moment and thank U2 for giving US a great life!

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