#U240 Prize Winners

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2016-10-02)

We had a “little” contest here at u2songs.com – to celebrate 40 years of the band, and asked that you tweet a picture of your favorite U2 item, including “@u2songs”, “#U240”, and “favU2item”. On the day after #U240 we drew names for the prizes and are officially announcing the prize winners here again. The original video where we drew for the names is hopefully linked below. We are contacting prize winners tonight to collect information to send these prizes out. A special news bit though! We are hoping to be sending out a small item to each and every person who entered the contest. Details are still being finalized and we will contact you next week if we are able to do this.

Prize A: @Fefliswit
The VIP gift book from U2’s recent #U2ieTour. The only way to get this book was to purchase one of the pricey VIP tickets, but we have one here to give away as a prize in our contest. The book comes with write ups about each tour, three guitar picks, a patch kit from Larry’s drum kit, a souvenir ticket, and replica posters and tickets from all kinds of tours. Also included is a piece of the decking used on the #U2ieTour stage (that’s the grey and black piece to the side). [Book given may not be the exact number that is in the photos]

Prize B: @DWilbur3
12-Inch Zoo Station Picture Disc: Includes “Zoo Station” and 2 mixes of “Lady With the Spinning Head”, this promotional disc was pressed in 1992 for promotion of the Zoo TV tour, and includes the dates of Zoo TV in North America in Spring 1992. (Record Player Not Included!)

Prize C: @Agu2arts
This “For Your Consideration” promotional DVD was issued by HBO to promote the U2 Live in Paris special as it originally aired on HBO to Emmy voters. The nomination didn’t go to U2 for this special, but this is a unique one-off. The DVD is the exact performance that was aired, and not the final version that was edited together for a commercial release, so this features alternate audio and video. Originally this was part of a box of promo discs issued by HBO. Only the U2 disc is included as a prize.

Prize D: @arnohul
This set of CD singles were released to promote Achtung Baby around the world. “The Fly” is from Japan and featured “The Lounge Fly Mix” and “Alex Descends into Hell for a Bottle of Milk”. “Mysterious Ways” is from Canada, and features five mixes of the title track. “One” is from the USA, and features “Lady with the Spinning Head”, “Satellite of Love” and “Night and Day (Steel String Remix)”. “Even Better than the Real Thing” is from Canada and features “Salome”, “Where did it all Go Wrong?” and “Lady with the Spinning Head (Extended Dance Mix)”. “Even Better than the Real Thing (Remixes)” is from the USA and features five remixes of the title track. “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” is from Canada and features “Paint it Black”, “Fortunate Son”, and two mixes of the title track. And finally the digipack version of “Wild Horses” is from the UK, and features “Paint it Black”, “Salome (Zooromance Remix)”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love (Triple Peaks Remix)”. This is a chance to own most of the Achtung Baby singles as one set.

Prize E: u2jonny
A copy of “Artificial Horizon” on CD. This fan club CD was released in 2010, and is still sealed.

Prize F: U2Ken
A somewhat rare 3-inch CD single for the single “Vertigo”.

Prize G: brodermadsen
The prize is three singles in cardboard sleeves, “Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own”, “City of Blinding Lights” and “Staring at the Sun”. All of the prizes in this category will be sent with some additional paper goods such as a promotional sticker for the recent #U2ieTour DVD release.

Prize H: karenpit7478
Set of 4 U2.com Serigraph Prints, courtesy of the good folks keeping Zootopia safe. Thank You!

We originally announced the prize winners via a periscope chat showing the random draw, which we share with you now:

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