U2 Belfast video shoot causes complaints

BBC News (2014-12-18)

Some residents of the Village area of south Belfast have complained about the filming of a U2 video.

Filming of the Troubles-themed video took place on Thursday at Olympia Drive, with extras in period costume and 1970s-styled vehicles.

However, this meant that the road was cleared, and some locals complained of parking difficulties on nearby streets.

Some felt it brought back painful memories, although others said they had no problem with it.

The shoot recreated a bomb attack, and included burning cars, actors dressed as soldiers from the 1970s, and extras playing traumatised and bloodied victims running from the scene.

Footage was also shot on Wednesday in the New Lodge area of north Belfast, the same area where much of Rihanna’s video for We Found Love was filmed.

The production company had informed Olympia Drive residents by letter that filming would take place between 09:00 and 21:00 GMT on Thursday.

One man said that cars displaced from the street into neighbouring streets had caused disruption.

“It was quite busy this morning, with cars from other streets parked outside my premises, which were blocking the way of care workers getting in to help a disabled elderly couple,” he said.

However, he said he was not opposed to the video itself.

“I think it’s actually a good thing because it’s showing people in England, Scotland and Wales what it was like in Belfast,” he said.

“I’m hoping those days don’t come back because I’ve got young kids.”

Another woman said she was annoyed because she could not use her normal parking space.

“I have been coming to this office every day for the last 35 years and I get a parking space every day,” she said.

“I couldn’t care if U2 were flying up in the sky – I object to this as a ratepayer.”

However, some young extras said they were having a great time during the filming.

“We were doing a riot scene – it’s a good experience,” said one of them.


The production company wrote a letter to residents:

17th December 2014

Dear Resident,

Some Such & Co production company will be shooting a short film in Runnymede Parade on Thursday 18th December 2014 from 9am-9pm.

We will try our utmost to keep any disruption to a minimum. We would appreciate your cooperation during filming if cars etc need to be moved.

If you have any queries please contact: —-

Yours Sincerely
Richard Glenholmes
Locations Manager
Some Such & Co

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