U2 Debuts “North Star” From Transformers: Dark of the Moon at Miami Show

Miami New Times by S. Pajot (2011-06-30)

Did you think the only things keeping Bono and The Edge busy these days were the careful monotoring of their Metamucil doses and the writing of mediocre music for Broadway adaptations of comic books?

Well, you’re way wrong. The tuneful twosome is also staying active by selling outtakes from their massive back catalogue to the Transformers franchise.

One of U2’s leftover tracks from the How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb sessions, “North Star,” will appear in the theatrical version of the blockbuster threequel, Dark of the Moon, set to hit theaters. (It won’t apparently be released as part of the official movie soundtrack, though.) Surprisingly, the band hadn’t given this movie tune its American live debut until last night in Miami.

“This is a song we’ve played a few times in Europe,” Bono said, introducing the song. “But this is the first time we’ve played it in America. It’s in a little movie called Transformers. It’s a love song to the universe of sorts. It’s called ‘North Star.’”

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