U2 Debuts Xtracts from U2 X-Radio

Original Story (2020-09-30)

U2 made “Xtracts” available today. The show, is a shortened summary of the first month of U2 X-Radio. When the station launched on July 1, U2 had announced that a monthly show would be made available for non-subscribers to the station, “Details still to be confirmed but a monthly highlights show will bring the best of U2 X-Radio to listeners in the rest of the the world.”

The first 90-minute highlights show focuses on the first three weeks of the station, with no content that aired after July 16. It features material taken from a number of different shows, including John Kelly’s “Elevation,” we hear material from “Close to the Edge” and “Bono Calling” and we get to hear two guest DJ’s present their favourite U2 songs, and a brief clip of Dan Hegarty taken from one of his initial shows. Also included is some of the advertising snippets done by U2 announcing various parts of the show, Bono’s “Ode to Radio” and one of Bono’s Fan letters.

These are not full shows. The 75-minute highlights show includes 9 minutes from The Edge’s conversation with David Byrne, and 5 minutes of his conversation with Tom Morello. Both shows were about an hour in length. Likewise, only about 10 minutes of Bono’s conversation with Chris Rock is included, part of a broadcast that lasted about 35 minutes in total. And two snippets of “Elevation” are heard, one 23 minutes in length and the other about 7 minutes in length, taken from two hour long programs. The “Xtracts” show is hosted by Rocky O’Riordan.

The full content of the 75 minute highlights are here with the original air dates.

  • Countdown to Launch of U2 X-Radio (Originally aired July 1)
  • The Edge speaks to David Byrne (Originally aired July 1)
  • Matthew McConaughey introduces “New Year’s Day” (Originally aired July 1)
  • “New Year’s Day” – U2
  • Bono’s Fan Letter to Patti Smith (Originally aired July 1)
  • “People Have the Power” – Patti Smith
  • Phoebe Robinson introduces “Pride” (Originally aired July 10)
  • “Pride (In the Name of Love)” – U2
  • Bono Speaks to Chris Rock (Originally aired July 1)
  • “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)” (identified by Dan Hegarty)
  • Ode to Radio – Bono
  • The Edge speaks with Tom Morello (Originally aired July 16)
  • John Kelly speaks with Bryan Stevenson and The Edge (Originally aired July 5)
  • John Kelly speaks to Judy Collins (Originally aired July 12)
  • “Amazing Grace” – Judy Collins

The first highlights show can be heard on U2.Com here, and a subscription is not required. For more information about the content that has been airing on U2 X-Radio since it launched, we are maintaining episode guides for all regular shows and the specials on the station.

The station has been live since July 1, 2020. Since the initial weeks which make up this 75-minute program, two new regular shows have debuted, “The Rocky O’Riordan Show” and “Gavin Friday Presents” and there have been a series of one-off broadcasts including “A Sense of Wonder” where U2 celebrated Van Morrison on his 75th birthday, a Record Store Day Special hosted by Rocky O’Riordan, and “The 100 Most Desired U2 Songs” where fans and station hosts introduced a countdown of U2 songs.

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