U2: Duals Shipping Soon

Original story (u2wanderer.org) by Aaron J. Sams (u2wanderer.org) (2011-03-16)

A subscriber email distributed by U2.com this morning indicates that the oft-maligned U2:Duals will begin shipping this week. Shipping times for the annual subscribers’ gift are reportedly up to two weeks for North America and Europe and three weeks for the rest of the world. Subscribers are also advised to make sure that their address information is up to date. I also see that the annual eBay gouging for the CD has begun. As unpopular as the track listing for this release has been, I anticipate demand to be relatively low, so don’t go paying a ridiculous price for one. These CDs can typically be had for under $20 once they start arriving in scalpers‘ subscribers’ mailboxes.

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