U2 Film Another Video for Songs of Experience?

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-09-07)

Last night, U2 were out and about in New York City, and they had film cameras with them.

The band was spotted at a bar in Hell’s Kitchen called Blue Ruin, where one girl, elisey18 on Instagram said “Met Bono and we did a shot…” and later confirmed “they were shooting a music video at a bar called blue ruin and he came in and had a beer and a shot!” Another girl on instagram, zara_lyn_ also had photos with Bono and The Edge at the same location.

The Blue Ruin is an old fashioned New York style bar. It is located at 538 9th Avenue, only a few blocks from Times Square.

The Paparazzi site, TMZ also reports that U2 visited Ray’s Pizza last night, but the article only mentions Bono, The Edge and Adam Clayton in attendance. So perhaps this was part of the aftershoot, and not part of the video shoot itself.

Some video footage of the four walking around in Manhattan in the Hell’s Kitchen area was also posted this morning via surfgrl7 on Instagram, and shared by our friends at U2enEspaña and U2Valencia.Com on Twitter. In the original post, one of the hashtags was filmingvideoclips, and in the video U2 are being filmed.

The band is expected to appear on Jimmy Fallon tonight, and are said to be performing two songs.

The band is also due to appear on the XQ Super School Live telecast which is being aired on major USA networks on Friday. That live telecast airs at 9pm EST, and there’s one problem with that, the band is playing Minneapolis, MN on the same night. At this time there is no confirmation that U2 will play a solo song, however Entertainment Weekly lists “a finale performance led by Jennifer Hudson with Sheryl Crow, Starr, U2, Reggie Watts, and MC Hammer, among others.”

Many thanks to Michelle Perez for some of the information used in this article.

Update: September 26, 2017: It is now known that the New York footage was used for a video for “You’re The Best Thing About Me” which will debut on September 27, 2017.

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