U2 filming at Nice’s Victorine Studios

The Riviera Times by Elizabeth Brauders (2014-08-14)

Sightings of U2 members around the Riviera have finally been explained with the revelation that they’re filming a new project in Nice’s Riviera studios.

Formerly called the Victorine studios, the property has played host to many famous faces across the years, reaching a peak of popularity mid-20th century. Brigitte Bardot arrived in 1955 for And God Created Woman, Jean Cocteau used it for his 1959 film Le Testament d’Orphee, and Audrey Hepburn recorded scenes for Two for the Road here in 1966. More recently the studio worked with Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin for his pre-The Artist comedy, Brice de Nice.

Dozens of trucks have reportedly taken over the studios for the Irish stars, with Nice Matin reporters spotting various pieces of studio equipment, spotlights, and a round green stage in the middle of Studio 1.

The rock group are no strangers to the studio, having worked here before in 2004. In fact, it was during a photoshoot at the Victorine studios that a rough copy of the group’s album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb was stolen and eventually leaked in November 2004, a few days before the official release date.

Perhaps it’s this experience that has led to increased security this time around. Security guards with British accents abound, and the source described measures as “worthy of Obama at the G20. Anyone working on the project isn’t allowed to bring their mobile phone into the filming area.”

It seems the project is being kept strictly under wraps with the band’s presence remaining officially unconfirmed. An inside source at the Riviera studios told Nice Matin that it had not been confirmed to them who the studio was for, but added “I don’t doubt for a second that it’s for them. Everyone knows it here. They arrived on Tuesday.”

Both Bono and The Edge are regular visitors to the Riviera having purchased homes in the seaside village of Èze sur mer where John Lennon’s son, Julian, also has a home.

From large celebrity events like Leonardo di Caprio’s foundation launch to smaller private outings like a visit to Club 55 in Saint Tropez, it seems Bono’s recent visibility around the Côte d’Azur has been explained by the project. However, no one seems to be sure what exactly that film clip is for. Theories rest on material for the band’s new album, due to be released next year, or else a piece for Sing Street, the new film from Once-director John Carney.

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