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Original Story by Aaron J Sams (2022-07-07)

Please note: This article is still being updated and may change as new information comes to light.

As we told you back in February, U2 are doing a line of Funko Pops based on the Zoo TV tour / Achtung Baby era. Originally we were told that these would be releasing in July, but had recently been told they would be delayed until November. Today, a series of images appeared showing the Funko Pops on retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. It’s given the first visual look at what will be available. A release date has still not been announced, nor has there been an official announcement of these.

There are four individual Funko Pop! figures, one for each member of the band. These will be sold worldwide, and feature Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry in their Zoo TV outfits. Additionally there are two deluxe sets, one which will feature a Bono figure with a painted trabant, and the other which will feature The Edge with the Achtung Baby album cover. These Bono and The Edge figures in the deluxe sets will be posed differently than those sold separate. Bono will be part of a Funko Ride Deluxe package, and will come with an “Achtung Baby car”. The Edge will be part of the Pop! Albums line, and will come in a special larger box, with a recreation of the Achtung Baby cover behind the figure. (The figure in the Albums line is the standard size, and the album is not included, the cover is replicated at 9-inches by 9-inches, and comes in a collectors display case.)

There will also be a four pack boxed set available via Walmart in the USA, FNAC in France and via Funkoeurope.com for Europe and the UK. It is not known if other retailers will offer a similar boxed set outside of these areas. The boxed set appears to be the same figures as the standalone set based on the preliminary images.

Stores listed below are some of the first to have pre-orders up and we’ve included a few so people can explore and see some of the pricing for these items.

U2 Achtung Baby Car with Bono Super Deluxe Pop! Ride

Item: FU64031
Funko #: 293
Released: November 2022

U2 Zoo TV Adam Pop! Vinyl Figure

Item: FU64032
Funko #: 270
Standalone Adam figure.
Released: November 2022

U2 Zoo TV Bono Pop! Vinyl Figure

Item: FU65033
Funko #: 271
Released: October 2022

U2 Zoo TV The Edge Pop! Vinyl Figure

Item: FU64034
Funko #: 272
Released: November 2022

U2 Zoo TV Larry Pop! Vinyl Figure

Item: FU64035
Funko #: 273
Released: November 2022

4-Pack of Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

  • Exclusive to Walmart ($47.88) in the USA
  • Exclusive to FNAC and FunkoEurope.Com (£50.00) in Europe and UK
  • Includes the four standalone figures above in one box.

U2 Achtung Baby with The Edge

Item: FU065037
Funko #: ?
Release Date: TBA

Also due this Fall, and included in the rumours before now is an Edge figure as part of the series of album covers. This was not announced today, and has not been made available for pre-order. This line of Funko’s includes a recreation of the album cover, which is displayed behind the figure. Usually these are about 9-Inch tall, with the usual sized figure in front. We will bring you additional information as we get it about this figure, we expect it will be announced soon.

For those who don’t know what a Funko Pop! is, they are plastic toy figures with small bodies and exaggerated heads. The heads are square in shape with rounded edges, button eyes, and usually no mouth. Standard figures are about 4-inches tall. There are over 25,000 items available in the line, including figures from music, movies, television, British royalty, comic books and Pop culture icons.

The individual stand alone figures usual retail for $12-15US. The Funko Ride figures typically retail from $25-30US, and the Pop Albums figures typically retail around $25US. Although these prices are listed in US Dollars, it is expected that these Funko figures will be available worldwide. Funko figures are often sold in toy stores, comic book stores, book stores and music stores, as well as department stores and online. We have a selection of links above to some retailers offering pre-orders, but expect these to be available in locations where Funko are sold and not just at the links we include.

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