U2, Sting, Beck, Beamed Onto X-Files Soundtrack

Wall of Sound (1998-03-21)

It seems as if Bono and the boys just can’t get enough of the Fox
network. After recently playing themselves on an episode of The
Simpsons, the Irish quartet is now linked with another Fox product-the
upcoming film version of The X-Files. Earlier this month, score composer
Mark Snow told a convention audience full of fans that U2 would indeed
appear on the soundtrack, along with Beck and Sting. However, it’s worth
noting that Snow also told the crowd that the album would hit store
shelves on June 20-a very unlikely date, to the conspiracy theorist’s
eye. Almost universally, albums are released on Tuesdays, and June 20 is
a Saturday, as well as the day following the release of The X-Files

So, what will be the fate of the soundtrack? The truth is out there, but
few people are willing to comment on it. According to the Moviegarden
Web site, the album will also feature contributions from Foo Fighters,
Sarah McLachlan, Björk, Tracy Chapman, the Cranberries, Mike Oldfield,
the Cardigans, the Cure, Rancid, and the Dust Brothers. And although
Elektra reps won’t comment on the project, it’s a poorly kept secret
that Don Was will be sitting in the producer’s chair. What they will say
is that, just like the film, the details are being kept top secret until
much closer to the release date.

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