U2 to Release 6 Singles

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U2 to release 6 singles

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Not content with dominating the airwaves with their latest single, U2 will have six singles in stores across Canada tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 4).

Along with the long-awaited release of the CD single for Discotheque — which includes one track, Holy Joe, that won’t be on the band’s upcoming Pop album — all five of the EPs from the band’s Achtung Baby album will be reissued at the same time.

Many of those EPs contain exclusive tracks, and have become exceedingly hard to find in the past three years.

All of the EPs, including Discotheque, should sell for under 10 bucks.

“If the advance reaction from retail is any indication, the interest in the Discotheque EP is high,” says Island Canada’s director of publicity, Elana Rabinovitch. “We’re shipping 15,000 copies, and that’s a lot for a single in this country.” (All releases will be available in the CD configuration only.)

Other U2 news:

  • The Pop album, still due in stores on March 4, will start airing on radio stations across Canada on Feb. 26.
  • On that same date, fans should also be able to listen to at least snippets of some of the songs at listening posts in select music stores across the country.
  • The tour will be officially announced at a news conference in New York on Feb. 12, sources say. Don’t be surprised if tickets to some of the shows to go on sale that same week.

Here’s the complete track listing for each of the six U2 singles due in stores tomorrow:

1. Discotheque (DM Deep Extended Club Mix) (10:02)
2. Discotheque (Hexidecimal Mix) (7:21)
3. Discotheque (album version) (5:19)
4. Holy Joe (Guilty Mix) (5:09)
5. Discotheque (Howie B, Hairy B Mix) (7:40)

1. The Fly (4:29)
2. Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk/Korova (3:37)
3. The Lounge Fly Mix (6:28)

1. Mysterious Ways (4:04)
2. Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Extended Club Mix) (7:01)
3. Mysterious Ways (Apollo 440 Magic Hour Remix) (4:25)
4. Mysterious Ways (Tabla Motown Remix) (4:27)
5. Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Club Mix) (4:10)

1. One (4:36)
2. Lady With The Spinning Head (live) (3:54)
3. Satellite Of Love (4:00)
4. Night And Day (Steel String Remix) (7:00)

1. Even Better Than The Real Thing (3:41)
2. Salome (4:32)
3. Where Did It All Go Wrong (3:57)
4. Lady With The Spinning Head (extended dance mix) (6:08)

1. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (The Temple Bar Edit) (3:58)
2. Paint It Black (3:22)
3. Fortunate Son (2:41)
4. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (The Temple Bar Remix) (4:49)

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