U2 X-Radio Launches “The Rocky O’Riordan Show” Tomorrow

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2020-08-03)

A new show is debuting on U2 X-Radio tomorrow. It is the first new weekly show to debut since the first week of launch for the station. The show, called “The Rocky O’Riordan” show will feature Caitlín “Cait” O’Riordan as a host. Rocky is the name she uses on social media such as Twitter and Instagram if you are looking for her.

O’Riordan is an amazing bass player and has played with the Pogues and the Radiators. O’Riordan was part of the line up for the Pogues for their first two albums, leaving the band in 1986. She has opened for U2, not with the Pogues but joining the Radiators at Croke Park in 2005 for one of the shows. The Radiators were fronted by Phil Chevron, and featured Steve Averill. O’Riordan was born in Nigeria to Irish and Scottish parents, who moved to London when she was just two years old.

In an interview with Rolling Stone announcing the station, Adam Clayton spoke about O’Riordan joining the channel, “We have some really cool collaborators. We have [Pogues bassist] Cait O’Riordan. She’s a long-time friend of the band and, of course, another bass player, so that’s always good. Two bass players are always better than one. But I think she understands the sensibility of the band and she’ll bodyguard us.”

An ad for the new show currently running on U2 X-Radio opens with Adam Clayton speaking, “Adam Clayton here. I always like it when the bass player gets to run the show.” We then hear Cait’s voice, “Hi, I’m Rocky O’Riordan, the Pogues’ bassist, and lifelong U2 fan. Join me every week for a listen to the musical roots of U2 and the artists they came up with.”

The show is expected to feature songs from artists that U2 admired when growing up, as well as contemporary musicians from their earlier days.

The show debuts tomorrow night at 6pm ET. It is an hour long show and will be appearing on the station weekly. The show was mentioned in the press leading up to the station, and appeared on the schedule last week in error. Although episodes were listed last week, those tuning in heard a continuation of regular programming. The announcement on U2.Com stated, “First week highlights include brand new shows and appearances from Bono, The Edge, Cait O’Riordan and Paul Oakenfold” although O’Riordan was not heard to date on the station. Once the show debuts it will repeat several times through the week. It is not known at this time if the show will be available on demand or not.

The show joins “Elevation with John Kelly,” “Discothèque” and “The Dan Hegarty Show” as weekly shows on the new station. We are aware of at least one other show in development that will feature another associate of the band, which will hopefully debut soon.

U2 X-Radio debuted on July 1, 2020 to subscribers of SiriusXM in Canada and the United States. (And due to a free preview, to many in the rest of the world for the first few days) Although not currently available outside of these regions, U2.Com have promised to make some content available, stating “Don’t live in the US or Canada? Details still to be confirmed but a monthly highlights show will bring the best of U2 X-Radio to listeners in the rest of the the world.”

For those interested in more information about U2 X-Radio to date, including an episode guide, we are tracking that information in our U2 Discography at this time.

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