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Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-02-14)

Over the weekend we had a little trivia contest, held on Facebook and Twitter. Starting at 8am GMT and continuing until 8pm PST, we had one question at every hour, along with a hint on how to answer. Participants could answer just one answer or choose to answer all of them to get more entries into the contest.

We heard from a lot of you. Thousands of entries and lots of comments on Facebook and Twitter about how you enjoyed the trivia parts. The grand prize was a full set of “The Kiosk Collection”, a box set released in 2015 in Spain containing 14 CDs and 4 DVDs. The winner of the contest was decided by a random draw among all of the correct answers received. Congratulations Michael M. from Denmark on your win in the contest! Your box set will be on its way to you shortly. And for those who didn’t win, stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter, as we have another special contest coming up soon.

For those who are interested here are the questions and the suggested answers:

Question 1:

  • Who owned a dog named Swampy, whose name was used on a sign in the “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” video?
  • This one was best answered by visiting our Videos section and visiting the entry for “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (Alternate Version)”
  • Mr Swampy was Kevin Godley’s dogs name, Godley directed the video.

Question 2:

  • What is the name of the solo album The Edge recorded with Paul Chavez in 2012?
  • This one was best answered by visiting The Edge Solo page in the U2 discography.
  • The answer is “Cold Dream Colour”, a soundtrack for Morleigh’s performance of the same name.

Question 3:

  • What song did U2 contribute to the X-Factor Video Game?
  • This one was best answered by visiting our Video Game section of the discography.
  • U2 contributed “Beautiful Day” to this game in 2010.

Question 4:

  • Name five songs Gavin Friday has worked on with a member of U2?
  • For this one we suggested you visit our History Mix column.
  • Our Gavin Friday column lists many songs that U2 have worked with Gavin on, including “The Fly (Gavin Friday Version)”, “In the Name of the Father”, “Billy Boola”, “You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart”, “Little Black Dress”, “Lucifer’s Hands”, “Satellite of Love”, “Children of the Revolution”, “Time Enough for Tears”, “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”, any song from Andrea Corr’s first solo album, and “The Ballad of Ronnie Drew”. Whew!

Question 5:

  • What single was released only in Germany and subtited “How Long?”
  • This one comes from our U2 Singles Discography.
  • We thought we might trip you up and get a few answers of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” but most people got that the answer was “40” (How Long).

Question 6:

  • John Carney, director of “Once” and “Sing Street” was involved in the video for what U2 song?
  • The hint we gave for this one was to visit our U2 Promo Videos section of the site.
  • A quick glance down the list would find Carney’s name attached to the video for “The Ballad of Ronnie Drew”.

Question 7:

  • What video in the “Films of Innocence” project accidentally featured an alternate audio track?
  • The hint we gave for this one was to visit our U2 Promo Videos section of the site.
  • This question was the one that lead the winner to getting his box set. His correct answer was “Every Breaking Wave”. When the “Films of Innocence” project first appeared on line, “Every Breaking Wave” had the wrong audio, an alternate recording of the song, which was quickly swapped out for the correct version. The alternate version has not shown up again in any form.

Question 8:

  • What six CDs were released in the COSTCO Collection box set?
  • We pointed people towards our “Multi-Release Set“ listing in the discography, home of information about various box sets and collections.
  • The set was a six CD set, issued by Costco stores in North America, in an orange box. The albums included were “The Unforgettable Fire”, “War”, “The Joshua Tree”, “Boy”, “Zooropa” and “Achtung Baby”. The set was released in 2007.

Question 9:

  • Name the photography who helped design the alternate cover for “Boy”?
  • We pointed people towards our #U240 Coverage.
  • One of the articles, the first on the list, identifies Sandy Porter as the photographer who helped design an alternate cover for “Boy” for the US market, including several that were never used.

Question 10:

  • Bono has written a new song for Willie Nelson due to be featured in a film in 2017. What is the film title?
  • Its an unreleased project so the best place to start is our “Upcoming Releases” page.
  • The movie, being directed by Lian Lunson is “Waiting for the Miracle to Come” and the song was called “Where the Shadows Fall”.

Question 11:

  • What position did “A Celebration” reach in the Australian ARIA charts in October 1982?
  • All of our singles in the U2 Singles Discography have chart information about dates and positions.
  • The top chart position in Australia was #83, and the song peaked in October 1982.

Question 12:

  • What year was the digital compilation album “Beautiful Day” released to major digital distributors?
  • The hint was the U2 Album Discography for this question.
  • This strange compilation showed up in November 2014 while “Songs of Innocence” was newly released. We aren’t sure how this one got listed, as it’s really just a rearranged version of “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” with a different cover.

Question 13:

  • How many mixes of “Magnificent” were released? (Don’t count the live versions)
  • The hint was our “By Songs” page which allows you to look through a full alphabetical list of all the songs U2 has been involved in.
  • If you go in and count the tracks, excluding the ones that were recorded live, we get 19 different mixes and edits. Adam K and Soha Dub, Adam K and Soha Radio Mix, Dave Aude Club Dub Mix, Dave Aude Club Remix, Dave Aude Instrumental, Dave Aude Radio Edit, Edit, Fred Falke Full Club Mix, Fred Falke Instrumental, Fred Falke Radio Mix, RAC Mix, Redanka’s 180 Version, Redanka’s 360 Remix, Richard Vission Solmatic Remix, Studio Version, Tong and Rogers Wonderland Dub Remix, UK Edit, Wonderland Dub Remix and Wonderland Remix.

Question 14:

  • Name a location that we see in “All Because of You”?
  • The hint we gave for this one was to visit our U2 Promo Videos section of the site.
  • This one could have been “New York”, or “The Brooklyn Bridge” but if you wanted to get more precise, we have a full list of New York landmarks in the video on the listing for “All Because of You” including the Subway store at 578 N W 125th Street.

Question 15:

  • Whatever happened to Pete the Chop?
  • The hint was our U2 Singles Discography.
  • On the single was a song called “Treasure (Whatever Happened to Pete the Chop?)”. Our discography entry lists the following, “Pete the Chop was reportedly a friend of a friend of the band who once requested that a song be written about him, and so U2 delivered with a tune simply titled “Pete the Chop.” When considering it for release, however, the band determined that it was too “poppy,” and chose to re-record and rearrange it completely, resulting in the version that appeared as a B-side to “New Year’s Day” with the added title “Treasure.” We took most answers we got for this question. smile

Question 16:

  • Who hosted and produced “Zoo Radio Transmit”?
  • The hint for this was our promotional releases discography. It can be viewed by release date or by title.
  • The answer to the question is B.P. Fallon.

Question 17:

Question 18:

  • Name one of the songs used in the introduction to “Raised by Wolves” that was not “Seasons In the Sun”?
  • The hint for this one took you to our #U2ieTour coverage.
  • Once there, Tim C’s “Introducing the Wolves” fills you in about the introduction to the song in concert, including Terry Jacks “Seasons In the Sun”, Mud’s “Tiger Feet”, a song called “Any Dream Will Do” by Andrew Webber and Tim Rice. The article also looks at the other pieces of media used in the montage.

Question 19:

  • What was the first city on the #U2ieTour to get a city specific T-Shirt?
  • For this one we suggested you visit our History Mix column.
  • The answer was Chicago. Most cities in North America did not get city specific T-Shirts. Only Chicago, Boston and New York got these added pieces of merchandise.

Question 20:

  • The artwork for the “Exclusive (Stuck in a Moment Acoustic)” EP on iTunes was intended for another single initially? Which one?
  • For this one we suggested you visit our U2 Digital Discography.
  • The answer was “The Hands that Built America” which was supposed to be a commercial single, at least in Europe, and even appeared on amazon in Germany with cover art. It was later discontinued without ever having been released.

Question 21:

  • What was the first soundtrack U2 appeared on?
  • For this one we suggested you visit our U2 Soundtracks list.
  • The answer was “The Last American Virgin Soundtrack” and surprise, it featured a slightly different edit of “I Will Follow”.

We had another eight questions developed that we did not end up using. Perhaps next weekend we’ll throw those out there for everyone to give a try at without all the retweeting / sharing and probably without a prize.

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