U2ieTour Berlin and Mobile Tickets: A Guide

Original story (u2wanderer.org) by Harry Kantas (2015-09-24)

Our good friends over at U2tour.de are reporting that security is having difficulty scanning mobile tickets correctly today, at the first U2ieTour show in Berlin. Passbook tickets are reportedly working much better.

Eventim has been issuing mobile tickets for this tour. If you bought tickets during the Pre or General Sales, you might remember having to give your phone number, along with your phone’s brand and model, in order to get the tickets delivered to your device.

Passbook (now called Wallet) is Apple’s digital wallet app. It collects all your tickets, boarding passes, and coupons, all in one place.

In this post, I will show you how to use passbook, even if you have an Android or Windows Mobile device.

Step 1: Installing Passbook

•If you have an iPhone, then you already have the passbook (or Wallet for iOS9 users) app already installed, so no need for any action here. Proceed to Step 2.

•If you have an Android phone, then you need to install a Passbook compatible app on your device from the Google Play Store. This is the one I use: Pass2U

•If you are using Windows Mobile (8.1+), you have out-of-the-box support for passbook files. Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Downloading the tickets

From your mobile device, navigate to eventim.de and login to your account there. Once on your profile’s main page, select “View Status” under “My Tickets”. You will then be presented with a list of the tickets you have purchased, select the tickets you need to download. Near the bottom of this page, there is a “Download Passbook” frame (see below). Click on the button that says “Add Passbook”.

Once this this done, the passbook file will be downloaded on your device, and depending on your OS and app, you will be asked to Open or Save the file. Select Open. (You may be asked which app to open the file with on Android, select the passbook app you installed in the previous step.)

Step 3: Opening the tickets

You now have your tickets on Passbook. You do not need an internet connection any more in order to open the tickets, they are stored locally on your phone. All you need to do is open your Passbook app, and present them to the venue’s security staff.

NOTE: The QR code for the tickets will be located at the bottom of the screen above. I have hidden it here for security reasons. Moreover, you can click on the QR code on that screen, to make it go full screen on your device, for easier scanning. Lastly, make sure your phone’s screen brightness is set to max for the scanning process.

Enjoy the Show!

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