#U2Request: Fans Request Rare Songs

Original story (u2wanderer.org) by Aaron J. Sams (2015-04-01)

On April 14th the U2 fan community world wide are hoping to shine a light on some rarer U2 songs that they would like to hear live in concert. They will be tweeting about these songs using the hashtag #U2Request on April 14th on Twitter. At the end of the day the votes will be counted to see what U2 fans participating in this fun exercise wanted to hear. This is to celebrate U2, their history and their discography of songs.

Start Time: Begin tweeting using the hashtag #U2Request at Midnight or anytime thereafter on April 14th in your local time zone. You may tweet throughout the entire day. Each tweet must include only one song title. They ask you don’t include additional lyrics, song titles, text etc. Attached images are fine. Also suggested to use #U2 and #U2IETour. More can be found at #U2Request and a document explaining more can be found in this tweet.

And if you are looking for a list of songs to get you started: Our By Songs Listing

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