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This section collects information about upcoming U2 releases, their status, and provide news links to updates about these projects. It will also detail information about other projects that the band are involved in such as solo projects, and other expected appearances. Below the updates on each project are links to news stories about upcoming projects where you can find more information about these releases. As things are officially announced, they are moved to their own discography entries on the site.

Please note, that the world continues to face a lot of uncertainty right now due to COVID-19 and supply chain upsets.

Last Updated: August 22, 2022

Upcoming and Recent Releases

Brief updates on where to find additional information on some of the items that we have somewhat firm dates on. There is also information about most of these projects as well as others included further down the page.

  • 2022-July: Start of U2 Singles Refresh [See Below]
  • 2022-09-23: Bono will participate in Patrick Kavanagh Almost Everything… [More Info]
  • 2022-Late: 2022 Gift from the U2.Com Fan Club U2 Achtung Baby 30 Live (Single CD) [More Info]
  • 2022-10-31: U2 Zoo TV Funko Toys Release Date [See Below]
  • 2022-11-01: Bono – Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story Autobiography Released [See Below]
  • 2022-11-01: Bono – Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story Audiobook Released [See Below]
  • 2022/2023: U2 – Songs of Surrender Rumoured Album Release [See Below]
  • 2023: U2 – Rumoured New Album [See Below]
  • 2023: U2 Performing Live [See Below]

Additional Details:

U2 Singles Refresh

Project Started: 2022-07-22

  • This project has now started.
  • U2 will be refreshing their singles on digital platforms, releasing updated versions of the singles to streaming and storefronts
  • The first set of refreshed singles were made available on July 22, 2022, and included 11 newly configured singles
  • This included updated artwork, and merging tracks from multiple formats into one single. No new songs were released in the first set of 11 singles.
  • More Information:

Bono’s Autobiography: Surrender

Announced Release Date: November 1, 2022

  • This project has been officially announced.
  • Bono’s Autobiography will be released on November 1, 2022.
  • The book is called Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story
  • The book will contain 40 chapters, each one named after a U2 song.
  • Chapters are named “Out of Control”, “Two Hearts Beat as One” and another is “Beautiful Day” The titles “Bad”, “Iris (Hold Me Close)” and “One” have all been revealed as chapter titles in a recent review by Kirkus Reviews.
  • Bono has also created 40 drawings to accompany the book.
  • A special offer was emailed to U2.Com subscribers in the Canada, USA, UK and Ireland, offering a limited photographic print with the purchase of a book through an online retailer. Only subscribers living in eligible countries were emailed the offer.
  • Available separate, an audiobook will run 12-hours, and will be narrated by Bono (available for digital download, streaming or on CD)
  • Although the digital downloads and streaming versions of the audiobook still list a release date of November 1, 2022, the physical pressings on CD no longer have a confirmed release date in North American shops. (Amazon is notifying customers who pre-ordered the CD in some countries that it will be delayed, others are listing it with a release date of 2079)
  • Bono will be making a number of appearances to promote the book, with most being scheduled before the book’s release. More information about these appearances is available here.
  • More Information:

Album of Reinvented U2 Songs: Songs of Surrender

Expected Date: Late 2022 / Early 2023

  • This album has not been officially announced, although it has been spoken about in a number of interviews given by the band in recent years.
  • We are told that this collection of 40 older U2 songs, reinvented by U2 during the lock down, will be released in Late 2022 / Early 2023. (Original information shared with us in March suggested a November 18, 2022 release date was being discussed.)
  • We have been told that an edited compilation of 14-15 of these songs may also be made available at that time.
  • We expect this album will be announced when the book is released.
  • The collection is rumoured to be called Songs of Surrender
  • We are told that U2 have worked with some of their original producers on recreation of the songs.
  • The album will tie loosely in with Bono’s autobiography (see below) similar to how U2 by U2 and U218 Singles had some loose ties. They will not be packaged together.
  • We are told this album was completed in early 2021.
  • This will be U2’s fourth compilation album after the two Best Of albums, and U218 Singles
  • This compilation is likely the one that was originally mentioned to us as the potential compilation to accompany the U2 X Exhibition in Dublin, construction of which appears to be delayed.
  • In November 2021, Adam Clayton spoke to O Globo and mentioned this project. He says that the reinterpretations “breathe new life into the songs.”
  • In July 2021, Adam Clayton mentioned this project in an interview with Rocky O’Riordan on U2 X-Radio, “Well, you know we are playing around with rearranging some of the songs that we have and setting them in a more acoustic environment. Edge got a bit of a bee in his bonnet and said you know, no pun intended, said lets look at these songs and imagine them in a different context. So we are playing around with that. He’s putting a lot of work into changing the keys, and moving them onto piano and that sort of thing. And hopefully we will have something towards the end of the year that will show a different light on U2. I think it’s an opportunity to explore different versions of the band in a way. Because it’s very much the early days, it’s embryonic, it could go somewhere between Leonard Cohen or Johnny Cash – very stripped down and bare – towards something that is very lush.”
  • Songs appearing on the collection are unknown. “Beautiful Day”, “Out of Control”, “Two Hearts Beat as One”, “Iris (Hold Me Close)” and “One” are chapters in Bono’s book, but other titles are unknown at this time.
  • We have set up a discography entry for Songs of Surrender and are collecting additional information there.
  • More Information:

Album of New U2 Songs: Songs of ?

Expected Date: 2023

  • This project has not been officially announced.
  • We have been told that U2 have been working on an album of new material.
  • Rumours shared with us suggest this follow-up to Songs of Surrender would be scheduled for a release in 2023. The date appears to be in flux.
  • The title for this album has not been selected. But it will likely have a title which starts with “Songs Of…” as the band still plan on releasing Songs Of Ascent sometime after this album of newer material. See below for more information about Songs of Ascent and where it stands.
  • The band was recently working on this album in the early months of 2022 in the Bahamas and California, and the album is said to be “substantially complete”. It was shared with us that some work was being done on the new album in July 2023 in Dublin.
  • Ryan Tedder in an interview in September 2019 shared, “I spoke to them just last week. We will work together on some new pieces when I am in Los Angeles. I think it’s their intention to make a record completely different from the last two. It will be easier. You know, it’s like a pendulum. When you make a very produced album, with so many instruments in it, the next project you want it to be more sparse, and you wonder, what if the disc had the sound of four musicians playing in a room?”
  • In November 2018, at the end of the Experience and Innocence tour, Bono suggested “I’d like to make a balls to the wall rock album” and Larry Mullen speaking about the future said “You never know. I assume there’ll be another album.
  • In Hozier’s Cry Power podcast in October 2019, Bono spoke at length about Songs of Ascent (see below) and then shared, “I’d also love to do just a straightforward-fuck-off-rock-and-roll album with this band. Because on this last tour, they’ve got to a place, I mean they’ve been there before, I think they’ve always had greatness in them, but we do a lot of very good in between the great. I felt like I just caught up to them on this last tour. And there were moments on the circular stage, the e-stage, on the Experience and Innocence tour, and they hit some powerful stuff. I’d like to find songs that could contain that fire.”
  • In November 2019, Dallas Schoo, guitar tech for The Edge, told fans at an event in Australia that U2 were making a new album, and he thought that the fans would like it.
  • In July 2020, The Edge was asked in Rolling Stone if they were working on a new album. The Edge replied, “I’m always working on new songs. I’ve not stopped since we came off the road, so yes. The question, I suppose, is whether we have a plan to finish or release it. Not so far. But there’s a lot of exciting music being created.”
  • In July 2020, Adam Clayton was interviewed in Rolling Stone and asked about if the band was working on a new album. Adam replied, “We are. There’s always something on the go, as I’m sure Edge mentioned. We did some recording last year that got us some really great starting points and complete songs. There’s an album ready to go, we’re just not quite sure when we want to press that button. When I say ready to go, I mean ready to be completed. Let’s put it that way.” Rolling Stone clarified, “So the songs are written, but you have to record them and get them right?” and Adam replied “Exactly.” Adam also went back to the idea that this new album being developed is not Songs of Ascent but something new, “It’s very, very fresh. We’ve cut everything quite quickly. We’re coming to things in a shorthand way. The feedback we get from that is pretty good. We want to be quick, down and dirty with the next one.”
  • The Edge spoke to Jo Whiley in September 2020, and mentioned “I was actually working on some new songs with Bono and I had a decision, am I going to go to Dublin or am I going to head to California where my wife was, so I opted to head for the wife which I think was the right call. Cause literally within two days they’d shut all flights into America, so I snuck in and spent the first part of lockdown with Morleigh in California, and then came to Dublin for early May and was in Dublin for a while.”
  • In a January 2021 aired discussion between The Edge and Daniel Lanois on U2 X-Radio, the Edge spoke about new material. He said “I’m working on a lot of new songs at the moment. We have a bunch that are…we haven’t figured out what to do with them yet. For me the lockdown has been quite a creative period for me.”
  • On May 31, 2021, Steve Lillywhite appeared on Talk Radio in the UK and revealed he’s been speaking with U2 regarding new music they’ve been working on in studio in London at that time. Lillywhite said the band are quite excited about the material.
  • Adam Clayton speaking on the Rockonteurs podcast on July 25, 2021 spoke again about the acoustic project as well as where they stand on a new album, “But at the same time, we have ambitions, once we can see a reason to put out another record. There are songs being siloed that will be brought out when we are ready to do a record.”
  • In November 2021, Adam Clayton spoke to O Globo while promoting the 30th anniversary of Achtung Baby. He said one of the projects that the band is working on is the sessions from which that song evolved. “We have new songs and we’re hoping to release an album in a couple of years, but we can’t talk much about it yet. I will just say that some of the tracks fill us with pride.”
  • In November 2021, The Edge did an interview with Rolling Stone promoting Achtung Baby. The Edge mentioned the band is “locked in the tower of song and working away on a bunch of new things. I’m just having so much fun writing and not necessarily having to think about where it’s going to go.” He revealed that the band has yet to settle on any producers for the new material.
  • In November 2021, Bono appeared on The Today Show promoting Sing 2. He said of the new material, “It’s nice to work without a purpose. Which is to say, it’s not like somebody is coming up and saying we have to have a U2 album or we have to have a U2 tour. We’ve been talking, and are excited to work together again. In the next few weeks there will be some recording.”
  • In December 2021, Adam Clayton was interviewed in Le Figaro and spoke about the band’s plans going forward, “At 50 we said to ourselves that there were good reasons to stay together and to continue working together. We have a great history after all. Today we are all in our 60s and we can’t wait to enter a new chapter in our history. We are working to rearrange some of our tracks in acoustic versions, to reveal new emotions. In addition, we are preparing new songs, for an album which should be released in 2023. And if circumstances allow it, we will go on a world tour at that time. It’s been a long time since we last performed in public.”
  • In January 2022, Alice Cooper in an interview with Eddie Trunk on SIriusXM revealed that U2 were working with producer Bob Ezrin.
  • More Information:

New Performance Plans (2023)

  • Rumours have reached us that the crew have been asked to keep the back half of 2023 open and that U2 plan to perform in the back half of 2023.
  • We are told that Willie Williams met with the band in July 2022 in France to discuss the upcoming plans for these possible shows.
  • An article in Billboard suggests that U2 will be the first act to play the new MSG Sphere in Las Vegas.
  • Billboard shares that the band will do a residency of sorts, with multiple nights at the venue, stretching over several months, but not necessarily back to back shows.
  • The sphere is due to open in the latter part of 2023. (It will be open by November 2023)
  • There are very early rumours of stadium bookings, which suggest stadiums may be under consideration for 2023. A rumour shared with us that a Dublin venue had been booked, was incorrect, and it is another band that booked the venue in question. We have confirmed with multiple sources the band do not have a Croke Park booking for 2023. (As of August 22, 2022)
  • In December 2021, Adam Clayton was interviewed in Le Figaro and spoke about the band’s plans going forward, “At 50 we said to ourselves that there were good reasons to stay together and to continue working together. We have a great history after all. Today we are all in our 60s and we can’t wait to enter a new chapter in our history. We are working to rearrange some of our tracks in acoustic versions, to reveal new emotions. In addition, we are preparing new songs, for an album which should be released in 2023. And if circumstances allow it, we will go on a world tour at that time. It’s been a long time since we last performed in public.”
  • More Information:

Album of U2 Hymns: Songs of Ascent

Expected Date: Unscheduled

  • This album has not been officially announced.
  • Yes, Songs of Ascent is still a thing. The band do intend to finish this work at some point down the road.
  • It is not expected to be the album coming out in 2023, another album of new material has been worked on first.
  • This album has been in the works since 2008, when it was first mentioned as the second half of No Line on the Horizon
  • The band decided not to release the material as a double album, and the extra material was put aside for a second album, Songs of Ascent with plans to release it shortly after the No Line on the Horizon album.
  • Although they return to the material recorded with Eno and Lanois from time-to-time, the albums released since, Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience were both developed from original ideas, and it appears that the band are once again looking to do something new instead of developing the Songs of Ascent material at this time. (See above)
  • Bono has confirmed that Songs of Ascent exists and may one day be released. In Rolling Stone in 2014, the following was printed “There has been no sign of it since, but Bono now sees it as the third part of the trilogy. ‘Songs of Ascent will come,’ he promises. ‘And there are some beautiful songs.’”
  • Daniel Lanois has confirmed that most of the songs developed for Songs of Ascent remain unreleased with the exception of “Every Breaking Wave” which was developed for Songs of Innocence and “Mercy” which was released on the live EP “Wide Awake in Europe”.
  • “Soon” was also planned for the album, and was released in the boxed set of the Rose Bowl concert. “North Star” has also been heard in concert and can be heard in one of the Transformers films.
  • In Hozier’s “Cry Power“ podcast in October 2019 Bono once again brought up the Songs of Ascent album, as well as the possibility of doing something new as the next album. “We have this beautiful, ecstatic album called Songs of Ascent, I don’t know if we’ll finish it soon or if it will take forever – it’s about forever – that’s its subject – Songs of Ascent are 15 psalms, they’re named after the 15 steps from the women’s chamber up to the Temple of Jerusalem. It’s an old idea. I’m obsessed with David, King David in the bible, who turns out was right bollocks, but he was kind of an interesting figure, he was brutally honest with God at all times, even about himself being a bollocks. I’d love to do that.” He also made it clear the band might work on other projects first.
  • The album remains in the vault at this time, and like 2014 and 2017, it appears the band are once again looking at other ideas which are likely to be released first. Bono does still bring the album up as existing as a separate album from the more recent work.
  • Adam Clayton on BBC Radio 2 in December 2017 told Chris Evans that “We’ve certainly got lots of leftover pieces, but by the time we come to make another record, I’m sure we’ll start from scratch.” which suggests they may focus on something other than the Songs of Ascent material.

U2 Funko Pop Toy Line

Expected Date: November, 2022

  • These toys have been officially announced.
  • Although initial rumours said these would start appearing in July supply chain issues have delayed the launch until November 2022.
  • Six figures in total are planned, all with a Zoo TV / Achtung Baby theme.
  • The six figures include a stand alone figure of Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge, all in Zoo TV outfits. Also included will be a “Achtung Baby Car” with a Bono figure, and an “Achtung Baby” album cover with The Edge.
  • Only five of these have been announced officially, the four stand alone Funkos, and the set including Bono and a trabant.
  • The sixth set is still listed, and should be announced at a later date. This final set will include The Edge, with a replica of the Achtung Baby cover behind him (Usually these album displays are 9-inch by 9-inch)
  • Pre-orders are now being taken, see our story below about the announcement for some links, but also check with local shops. These are also now appearing on Amazon in many countries.
  • More Information:

U2 Biopic on Netflix

Expected Date: In 2-3 Years

  • Although not officially announced, the producer of the project has confirmed it is in the works.
  • In March 2022 it was announced in Variety that U2 are working on a multi-year series on Netflix to document their career.
  • The show isn’t written, and isn’t cast. It is still a number of years away.
  • It is expected that there will be at least three seasons, and that the actors cast as the band will be recast as the series moves to later years.
  • JJ Abrams is the executive producer of the project and is working with writer Anthony McCarten (Bohemian Rhapsody) on scripts.
  • If this is being eyed as a replacement for “The Crown” when it finishes new season, we likely won’t see a first season until 2024.
  • More Information:

Additional Solo Projects:

Bono: The Busk

  • Bono performed “Running to Stand Still” during “The Busk” which streamed on Christmas Eve.
  • Press the week of the show shared that an audio release of the concert was planned.
  • More info about what we know

Adam: Kristel

  • Adam Clayton worked with Kristel, who hail from Madagascar on their 2021 EP, “Take It Easy
  • Adam was credited with advising the band on mix and arrangements.
  • Adam was recently pictured back in studio with Kristel and producer John Reynolds. Kristel are working on a follow up release.
  • More info about what we know

Bono and Edge: North Star

  • Bono and Edge are said to be close to signing on to do work on the score for the film North Star
  • Part of that deal would also include writing a song “North Star” for the film.
  • Filming is said to start in 2023, so this one is likely some time off.
  • More info about what we know

The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Film: Heartland

Expected date: Not Scheduled

  • Editing on the film was completed in late 2018, with plans to show it in theatres in June 2020, but was pushed back due to the COVID pandemic. At this point there seems to be little discussion about the film release happening and other projects seem to be taking priority.
  • A concert film from the 2017 tour was filmed by Anton Corbijn over two nights in Mexico City, with additional footage filmed at other tour stops.
  • The film will also include additional material at the start and end of the film, including opening with footage of U2 performing “Heartland” in the desert. That song gives the film it’s name.
  • The band has a distribution contract that would see the film debut in select theatres before a wider streaming release.
  • Additional filming was done in South America and in the USA in 2017 for this video. We are told the footage from San Diego of the opening songs at the b-stage is being used in the film with the footage from Mexico City.
  • Steve Lillywhite mixed the sound for the film. Initial work was completed in late 2018, but additional work was done in mid-2019.
  • The film was said to be complete in September 2019. No footage of the 2019 tour dates is expected to be used in the film itself, but could be used in bonus footage on an eventual home video release. Anton Corbijn confirmed in September 2020, and again in late 2021 that the film is complete, and is with the band ready to be distributed.
  • Photo shoots were done with Anton Corbijn in Mumbai and Tokyo in 2019. It is not known if those photos were for this project or possibly another.
  • Bono told Q Magazine in June 2020: “A couple of years ago we filmed a piece with Anton Corbijn for his film Heartland and we played U2’s song “Heartland” for the very first time at the foot of one of the great yuccas.” A photograph from that day by Ross Stewart was used in promotion of the 2019 tour.

Unlikely to Happen

Zoo TV 30

  • Bono has put this rumour to bed. Asked about the possibility of a Zoo TV Anniversary tour in January 2022, he answered, “It was my fault — blame it on me or give me some credit for the “Joshua Tree” tour, the retreading of that, because I wanted to honor the album. And I thought it’d be like a couple of months and do it, just really make sure, because people forget. And it’s a shame not to be able to do it with… I don’t even know if we would have done it, but you can’t now, for “Achtung Baby” [which had its 30th anniversary last year], because it is an incredible album.” He finished by sharing his thoughts on anniversary tours, “But I’m for people doing those album-type tours. I think it’s something you did and you should take it around as a retrospective. But we did a lot of it.”
  • We have been told from reliable sources since the 2019 shows ended that there have been no plans for a tour, and the plan was even before COVID hit, to take some time off and then go out on tour when a new album is ready.
  • During the January 2022 Bourbon Street Experience for Music Rising, The Edge confirmed they had spoken about a possible revival of Zoo TV with their team, but it had not gotten beyond a discussion stage.

Finding Home (Innocence + Experience Tour Documentary)

  • A documentary celebrating the 2015 was being filmed by director Davis Guggenheim, and was advertised as airing on HBO prior to the stream from Paris of that concert.
  • The documentary was due to include interviews with Es Devlin, Willie Williams, Jake Berry, Gavin Friday, all four members of the band, and fans.
  • The special was also said to still be in development and was not shown in 2015. Little has been heard about the documentary since that time. A home video release of the concert film did not include the documentary.

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