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This section collects information about upcoming U2 releases, their status, and provide news links to updates about these projects. It will also detail information about other projects that the band are involved in such as solo projects, and other expected appearances. Below the updates on each project are links to news stories about upcoming projects where you can find more information about these releases. As things are officially announced, they are moved to their own discography entries on the site.

Discography Entries for Recent / Upcoming Projects

Songs of Ascent Album or A New U2 Album (Unknown)

  • Bono has confirmed that Songs of Ascent exists and may one day be released. In Rolling Stone in 2014, the following was printed "There has been no sign of it since, but Bono now sees it as the third part of the trilogy. 'Songs of Ascent will come,' he promises. 'And there are some beautiful songs.'"
  • Daniel Lanois confirmed that although "Every Breaking Wave" was due to be on this album, the rest of the songs remain unreleased.
  • The album has not been mentioned by the name Songs of Ascent for a while now, dating back to 2008.
  • Adam Clayton on BBC Radio 2 in December 2017 told Chris Evans that "We've certainly got lots of leftover pieces, but by the time we come to make another record, I'm sure we'll start from scratch." which suggests they may focus on something other than the Songs of Ascent material.
  • In July 2018, Adam Clayton further revealed, “This is the end of a four-year cycle of work and we really have no plans going into next year. We have got to the point where this is a full stop at the end of this project. We're looking at next year as being a year of regrouping.”
  • In May 2018, The Edge revealed "I think there’s been three tours that have been on each other’s heels pretty quickly. I would say that we’ll probably take a little bit of a break at the end of this tour and regroup. There’s lots of ideas for the next records, but I think a bit of time off just to listen to music and to really feed our creative instincts is in order."
  • In November 2018, at the end of the tour, Bono said "I'd like to make a balls to the wall rock album" when talking about what the band would be doing next, which sounds nothing like the descriptions of Songs of Ascent we've heard over the years.
  • We are told that after the 2019 Australian tour the band will take a short period of time off and then are likely to continue working on this new album.

Album Re-Releases

  • The Unforgettable Fire will be reissued on June 7, 2019 on red vinyl. It will use the 2009 remaster.
  • How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb will also be issued on red vinyl on June 7, 2019. We expect it will be the same audio as the 2017 issue on black vinyl.

The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Home Video Release

  • U2 has worked with Anton Corbijn to film their two shows in Mexico City for a home video release.
  • Although the Mexico City shows are expected to make up the bulk of the footage for this home video release, additional filming for this release has been done throughout South America in 2017.
  • The home video release was rumoured to be released in November 2018 when the band was still planning on touring Australia at that time. That date has been pushed back into 2019 to allow for the possibility of some screenings on the big screen.
  • We expect the plans for this home video release to be announced soon, perhaps as soon as with the announcement of The Joshua Tree 2019 Tour.

eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Home Video Release

  • The band filmed the recent closing show of the tour in Berlin for a home video release. Filming was done by David Mallet's Serpent Productions.
  • Filming was done with 25 traditional cameras as well as a number of non-traditional wearable cameras.
  • Additional filming was done in Manchester (Dress rehearsal), Belfast (Go Pro style cameras on the band) and night three in Dublin (Larry wearing cameras in his glasses.)
  • The footage is being worked on for a late 2019 possible release.
  • The band did film two shows in Washington DC with traditional cameras as well, possibly for home video. Director Hamish Hamilton was identified as being at the shows being filmed, although we are told he was not directing that shoot. It is not expected that this footage will be used for the home video release.
  • The band has also filmed their recent Apollo theatre show, and Newark shows with 360-degree cameras, for an unknown future project (Likely web based), not this home video release.

"Red Flag Day" / "Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way" Third Man Records Release

  • While the tour was in Nashville, U2 stopped in at the Third Man Records storefront and recorded two songs for an as yet unnannounced single.
  • On Twitter, the project was discussed, including the note "Special limited edition vinyl coming soon."
  • "Love is Bigger" was one of the songs recorded, "Red Flag Day" was the other.
  • Additionally several remixes for "Red Flag Day" were commissioned, and some had been approved and mastered.
  • At this point this release will likely not happen.

Tribute to T. Rex

  • In September 2017, while in New Orleans, U2 recorded a track for a T.Rex tribute album.
  • The album is being produced by Hal Willner
  • Trombone Shorty was seen to be at the recording session at the same time as U2 were with Willner.
  • It has been reported that U2 have recorded "Bang A Gong (Get It On)" for the project, and the album will be released in early 2019, a date still has not been announced.

Waiting for the Miracle to Come Film (2017)

  • Bono has written a song for the movie, "Where the Shadows Fall" which Willie Nelson has recorded for the end of the film
  • The song was was recorded by Andy Barlow, who also provides keyboards on the track. Declan Gaffney provides guitar. Harmonica is by longtime Willie Nelson collaborator, Mickey Raphael
  • Bono also appears on backing vocals on the track. He also contributed to the score of the film.
  • The film made a debut at the Austin Film Festival in October 2018, a wider release has not yet been announced
  • The film was released in late May on streaming services and DVD. A release as a collectors blu ray is planned, but not yet announced.

Finding Home (Innocence + Experience Tour) Documentary - U2 (Not Scheduled)

  • When the initial annoucement was made that the Paris concert would be streamed on HBO there was also a tour documentary announced to air ahead of the concert.
  • The documentary was described as taking a look into the creation of U2’s wildly innovative and widely acclaimed iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE world tour, which began May 14 in Vancouver and currently runs through November. The special will detail how a show of this magnitude is conceived, revealing the blood, sweat and imagination that have gone into making iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE, the tour that would ultimately “reinvent the arena show,” according to Rolling Stone’s opening-night review.
  • Interviews in the documentary include all four members of U2 – Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. – as well as the supporting cast of Willie Williams, who has created tour concepts for the band for more than 30 years, award-winning designer Es Devlin, newly signed on for this tour, production director Jake Berry, audio director Joe O’Herlihy, executive director Gavin Friday, set designer Ric Lipson and others who bring iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE to life around U2’s music, night after night.
  • The special also explores the challenges and setbacks U2 faced in the months before tour rehearsals began in April, including Bono’s serious bicycle accident in New York last fall, and his — and the band’s — hard road getting back into “fighting shape” for their triumphant return with iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE. This exclusive documentary chronicles in detail how these same four friends, who started out as a humble punk band from the Northside of Dublin more than 30 years ago, continue to create magic nightly with the most grandiose, yet most intimate, arena tour ever staged.
  • The documentary is being directed by Davis Guggenheim, who was behind "It Might Get Loud" and "From the Sky Down" and it is tentatively being called "Finding Home"
  • Fans were interviewed for this documentary at various locations throughout 2015
  • HBO told atu2.com that "The one-hour documentary, initially planned for Nov. 7th, is still in development. U2, HBO and Davis Guggenheim look forward to revealing more information about the documentary in the near future."

Unknown Collaboration between Bono and DJ Khaled (2016)

  • DJ Khaled revealed on Snapchat that he was working on a "movie" with Bono.
  • The other "movie" Khaled worked on that day was for a non profit foundation called Get Schooled, so this may be for one of Bono's projects like (RED).
  • DJ Khaled did feature on the (RED) Special on Jimmy Kimmel in December 2016.
  • This may never come out. We'll let you know if we have any updates.

Collaboration between Bono, Swizz Beatz and Kanye West (2012)