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Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2020-03-04)

A number of reissues of older material are coming up in the next couple of months. We’re always happy to point such things out here, but there is no known new content among the first four titles listed below. It is however, an opportunity to own some older material in a new format.

March 13, 2020
Sun City – Artists Against Apartheid
Original Release Discography Entry
12-Inch LP
Although released last fall on vinyl as part of a boxed set, and as a digital release, the album is now being released by itself. Bono participates on the title track, and the remixes of that song, as well as penning and performing “Silver and Gold,” a different version of the song than the one we know from Rattle and Hum. The album will be available on coloured vinyl, red with yellow swirls. Little Steven has hinted that a reissue on CD will come later in the year.

March 13, 2020
Born Again Savage – Little Steven
Original Release Discography Entry
2×12-Inch LP
Like Sun City this album was released on vinyl last year as part of a boxed set, and digitally. It is now being released by itself. The double vinyl will be released with one disc being green with swirls and the other being orange with swirls. Adam Clayton worked with Little Steven on this album and is featured on all of the tracks. Little Steven has hinted that a reissue on CD will come later in the year.

March 13, 2020
In A Lifetime – Clannad
Deluxe: 4xCD, 3×12-Inch LP, 7”
Deluxe (Clannad Website): 5CD, 3×12-Inch LP, 7”
Regular: 2×12-Inch LP or 2xCD
This best of anthology spans Clannad’s full career and is being released in various configurations. The song “In A Lifetime” which features Bono on vocals will be featured on all of the different formats.

June 12, 2020
The Best of Bond…James Bond – Various
3×12-Inch LP
This three vinyl set features a collection of James Bond themes from across the decades spread between three discs. Twenty-five songs in total appear here, and on the second vinyl, at the end of side B, is Tina Turner’s rendition of “Goldeneye.” The song was written by Bono and The Edge.

Also coming up in the near future? This time with some new content?

March 27, 2020
C A L M – 5 Seconds of Summer
12-Inch Vinyl or 5-Inch CD
This new album from 5 Seconds of Summer is said to include a track which will feature The Edge. We haven’t yet confirmed what track, but Australian media have confirmed he is present. See our earlier news story for more information about this collaboration.

April 18, 2020
“11 O’Clock Tick Tock” – U2
12-Inch Translucent Blue Vinyl
Record Store Day happens each April, and U2 is participating once again. This time up, they are reissuing “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” to mark that singles initial release in May 1980. The vinyl in blue wax, will include two live songs as well taken from an early performance, “Twilight” and “Touch” as well as the studio version of “Touch.” For more information see our discography entry for the single.

Also coming in May is a DVD version of “eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Live in Berlin” to subscribers of U2.Com. From the sounds of it, this may be the only way to get a physical copy of this film, this year. The fan club has announced that these will start to be shipped out in May. But you won’t have to wait that long to watch it, as subscribers will be able to stream the video online via U2.Com. That version will be available to stream at different quality levels, including a high resolution 4K stream with 5.1 sound. That stream is expected to be made available on or before March 13. The team at U2.Com will be hosting a watch party when it launches, and have confirmed that you will have access to watch and rewatch this video in your account for the duration of your subscription. Our discography entry for this release can be found here.

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