Vertigo Tour Merchandising and Pricing

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2005-03-28)

With thanks to Jason we are able to share with you a list of merchandise items that are being sold outside of the stadium in San Diego for the Vertigo Tour:

A number of Vertigo T-Shirts ranging from $35

  • Vertigo Women’s shirt, Grey with black sleeves and collar, large 05 on the back ($35)
  • Vertigo Women’s shirt, 3 symbols on green, heart, peace symbol and bomb ($35)
  • Vertigo Men’s shirt, dark grey, with band picture in dark grey ($35)
  • Vertigo Men’s shirt, black, three symbols (vertigo v, peace symbol and bomb), dates on back ($35)
  • Vertigo Men’s shirt, green, with bomb design ($35)
  • Vertigo Men’s shirt, black, red V with band photo, dates on back ($35)
  • Vertigo Men’s shirt, white, band on beach, dates on back ($35)
  • Vertigo Men’s shirt, white, large V on front, target on back ($35)
  • Vertigo 05 Men’s shirt, black, band photo on front, dates on back ($35)

A number of retro T-Shirts ranging from $80 – $90:

  • Long sleeve Retro Shirt: War Album Cover: $90
  • Long sleeve Retro Shirt: The Unforgettable Fire Album Cover: $90
  • Blue women’s T-shirt with Joshua Tree cover: $80

Other Items:

  • Hooded sweatshirt, Black ($65)
  • Vertigo Ball Cap, with Concentric Circles ($25)
  • San Diego Concert Poster ($10)
  • Vertigo Tour Book ($20)

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