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Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2023-09-20)

Vibee is the company which is selling packages for the current U2 dates at the Sphere. These include hotel and ticket packages, as well as a VIP experience which includes hotel and ticket and other perks. We have seen a lot of questions about Vibee on various discussion groups, and we were given a chance to ask Vibee directly about some of these, with the understanding that we would print the answers they shared. Please note, that timelines have changed since these were originally announced, and Vibee has updated their FAQ (this is reflected in the first question.)

Currently Vibee is sending out tickets to the October 11 show, and those going to later shows will have only received an introductory email, and will NOT have received the emails with your seat assignments and other ticketing information. Please contact Vibee directly if you have further questions after reading the below, and their FAQ at

We hope the following from Vibee answers some of your questions. Included at the end is more information about reaching Vibee if you have further questions.

1. When will the emails go out letting me know my tickets are ready? Originally, we were told 6-8 weeks before the show and I still haven’t received anything.

In order to best facilitate delivery of the tickets for U2’s performances, they are being sent to purchasers directly by the Sphere box office to fans digital account manager. The delivery schedule has been narrowed as the venue finalizes their grand opening preparations. Tickets have been distributed for the first 2 weeks of performances, and we anticipate the delivery window to narrow and be around 4 weeks prior to show date for the remainder of the performances.

We have also sent an updated email out to guests who have not received their tickets for Weeks 3-5 to be on the lookout for an email from Vibee when tickets will be released.

2. Is there a way to find out about our seating placement prior to the email being sent out?

Unfortunately not.

3. I was never notified I had a reduced view, but my Vibee package appears to be in those sections. Is there anything I can do at this point?

There are specific rows in the lower level which offer full view of the stage but limited view of the screen, not full sections. Unless you were informed about your seats being in those rows, no action is necessary.

4. I have another issue and am having trouble reaching anyone at Vibee, and not getting any replies to the email address provided. Is there another way to contact you?

We appreciate your patience as we work through a high number of inquiries and please know that your Tickets and Hotel package is 100% guaranteed with your Vibee Order number. We also have frequently asked questions and answers available on our website at and on the event page for your specific date, which may help to resolve your query! If you are awaiting a response to an inquiry, please expect a reply as soon as possible.

5. I heard you sent out an information note to some people who bought packages but I did not receive it. Is it possible to put that information on your website?

Emails are distributed to guests of each performance with details of that particular show, that might not apply to all performances, thus are not posted on our website.

6. If I used an email address that I don’t use with Ticketmaster, do I have to set up a new account with that email address or is there some way to transfer them into my usual Ticketmaster account?

Yes, please use the email used to purchase your Vibee package. If you currently do not have an account you will need to sign up for an account on

7. The link to book shuttle transportation from the airport for those with VIP packages is not working, can you look into that?

We have reviewed all links for the shuttle booking program and find they are all available. We encourage anyone having issues to clear the cookies in their browser or try a different web browser. Fans must use their Vibee order number to unlock access to the page.

Check in 9/29

Check in 9/30

Check in 10/05

Check in 10/06

Check in 10/07

Please note the transfer from airport to hotel is a part of the VIP packages only, and you will need a code from your package to use the links above. These will not be accessible to those who just bought the Hotel / Ticket package.

For those attempting to get a hold of Vibee, we have seen people say they are most responsive on Social Media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter / X (VibeePresents). That may be the best place to get a start if you are not able to get a response through the contact methods outlined on their FAQ.

For additional information about non-Vibee tickets, and general questions, we are maintaining a Q&A article here.

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