Vibee Answers Questions Part Two

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Vibee has handled hotel and VIP packages for these shows at the Sphere, and we’ve seen a number of questions that people are hoping to find the answers for. Vibee has agreed to answer a few of our questions direct.

On September 20 we asked the following questions:

  • When will the emails go out letting me know my tickets are ready?
  • Is there a way to find out about our seat placement prior to the email being sent out?
  • I was never notified I had a reduced view, but my Vibee package appears to be in those sections. Is there anything I can do at this point?
  • I have another issue and am having trouble reaching anyone at Vibee, and not getting any replies to the email address provided. Is there another way to contact you?
  • I heard you sent out an information note to some people who bought packages but I did not receive it. Is it possible to put that information on your website?
  • If I used an email address that I don’t use with Ticketmaster, do I have to set up a new account with that email address or is there some way to transfer them into my usual Ticketmaster account?

The answers to these questions can be found in our earlier news story.

Today we have a few additional answers, courtesy of Vibee. Those are below. We asked these questions prior to the first show, and received answers only this week.

1. VIP GA purchasers would like to know if they have to get a wristband at 8am and enter through the main GA line as published by the Sphere? Or will the VIP entrance be a separate line from the main GA line? Could you please clarify what GA holders should do if they want to get into the venue as early as possible?

Vibee VIP GA ticket holders do not need to line up at 8AM to receive priority floor entry. At 5 PM nightly, a Vibee Priority Floor entry queue will open near the bottom of the stairs to the bridge just east of Koval on Sands Avenue. VIP GA ticket holders will be escorted to the VIP entry on the bridge and will admitted to the venue at doors, and take the escalator down to the floor.

This priority entry is only open to Vibee VIP floor purchasers. All others with floor tickets (Vibee, TM, fan club, etc) must enter the floor via the Sphere East Entry, and will not be allowed to enter via the bridge.

2. Is there a way to upgrade and join the VIP party without buying a hotel package? If you have bought a hotel package is there a way to upgrade to VIP?

After weekend 1 is wrapped, we will assess upgrade opportunities but currently they are not available to ensure we provide the best possible experience to our package purchasers.

3. I have one of the earlier shows, for which you have sent out tickets and other information. I have not received anything. What do I do?

Any fans who have purchased a package are 100% guaranteed to receive the tickets, hotels, and any other amenities which were included. We apologize for the delay any guests have faced in receiving information specific to their purchase, especially on the shows coming up the soonest. There have been a few unforeseen delays in the distribution of some seating assignments, but we are working diligently with our partners at Sphere to ensure all fans receive their tickets as soon as possible. Fans should also be sure to check their spam folders for any Vibee communications that might have been filtered out.

4. How long after my email regarding tickets should I receive my hotel information?

Hotel confirmation numbers are being sent out approximately 2 weeks prior to each show.


We are told that currently Vibee has sent ticketing up to and including the October 11 show. As they mention above, if you can log in and see your purchase through Vibee, you are fine. \For those attempting to get a hold of Vibee, we have seen people say they are most responsive on Social Media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter / X (VibeePresents). That may be the best place to get a start if you are not able to get a response through the contact methods outlined on their FAQ. Vibee also is running the Zoo Station exhibit, and for those asking about movie showings, yesterday they updated their listings for the second week of operation.

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